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  1. boneman0970

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    Could anybody help with the above.
    Do anybody Know how I can get hold of a score for the above march??

    I'm trying to avoid the job of spending an eternity at the PC on Sibelius and if anybody could help me out I would of course try to renumerate the individual with liquid replenishment.

  2. GJG

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    I was going to suggest contacting Wright & Round, since they have recently begun to offer a range of newly originated full scores for pieces which previously had none. However, after having had a quick look on their website myself (out of curiosity), I found an entry for "The Wizard" by W. Rimmer, not Geo. Allen.

    Is this a different piece entirely?

  3. Heppy

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    The Wizard is Hepworth's contest march and I think we tried really hard to find a score but we had to resort to putting it on Sibelius.
  4. PeterBale

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    I'm not sure, but I've a vague memory of an antipodean version "The Wizard of Oz" - may have been one of Lithgow's :shock: ;) :oops:
  5. nickjones

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    Send a message to one of the Leyland band tmp'rs...they played it Spennymoor years ago ( 1991 I think ).they might have a score..
  6. ian perks

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    Try Nick Childs, and ask him as he as got the DOYEN ARCHIVES CENTRE which contains many old pieces of music etc he might have it in his collection

    email address:

    Ian Perks
    Gresley Old Hall Band
  7. Mrs Fruity

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    Fishburn used to play it regularly and recorded it , Gav - try them. ( a bit closer to home than Doyen, etc.)
  8. Syrup

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    Do you need permission from the publishers to do this?
  9. GJG

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    When I made enquiries a few years ago about doing a similar exercise (ie: using a notation program to input individual parts and create a full score) for "The Black Knight", the answer was unequivocally that to do so without permission (ie. a licence) would be a breach of copyright.

    As it happens, it didn't matter because Wright & Round subsequently went ahead and published a new score for the march, so we just bought it.