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  1. boneman0970

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    I'm currently looking for a score for Mephi!
    Has anybody got one or tell me where I can get my hands on one from?
    We are currently rehearsing Mephi for Easingwold and are wondering if such a thing exists?
    Obvioulsy if someone has got one We would appreciate a loan of it or where we can purchase one from??
    I would appreciate any help in this matter!

    Gavin Vardy
  2. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Isn't it just the Solo Cornet Part :?
  3. boneman0970

    boneman0970 Member

    The Conductor/Solo Cornet part is a "bit" of a guide,
    But our resi would like one as he's constantly hovering around folk seeing who's got what so I'm only trying to simplfy his job.

    I don't fancy sitting in front of the PC either typing parts in because no don't I'm breaking some copyright infrindgement,oh well still looking!
  4. Dave Payn

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    As far as I can tell you won't be infringing any rights by writing out a score for this one on the basis that this work is public domain in the UK. Alternatively, you can try R Smith and Co who (according to my sources) published the original (though another source says it's Hawkes and Son! That's the PRS database for you!), but I doubt they'll produce a 'one off'.

    Nowadays, quite a few publishers issue scores with their marches, (Bit of a b*gger trying to fit them on a lyre when on the march, though! :)) even the old ones. Wright and Round now have full scores of some of their classics from the pen of William Rimmer (Cossack, Knight Templar etc. etc.)
  5. boneman0970

    boneman0970 Member

    Thanks alot for your help It's much appreciated! :D
  6. ploughboy

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    There's a hand written score for Mephi in the libary at YBS, maybe a tMP'er form said band could help you out!
  7. satchmo shaz

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    hi, I will check our library for hand written scores as we have loads, I recently found one for the cossack :wink:
  8. boneman0970

    boneman0970 Member

    Wheyyyyyyyyyyyyy things are on the up! :D

    Thank you again for all your help,if your in Easingwold I'll buy you a pint! :guiness

    Thanks again!!

    Gavin Vardy