Schilke Trombone Mouthpieces

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by lynchie, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. lynchie

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    South London
    Has anyone tried these out? I've had my conductor trying to get me to buy one for a while, but I haven't been able to get to a music shop to try one out, and it's a bit much to spend on a mouthpiece I don't like!

    Do they really improve tone and note production, or is it just a sales pitch. The one he advised me to get was a 51D I think. Any thoughts?
  2. Bones

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    To paraphrase the immortal words of Swiss Toni.

    "Choosing a mouthpiece is like making love to a beutiful woman.............."
    I can't finish cos the moderators will shoot me down like a dog.

    A mouthpiece choice is very personal. There's the school of thought that says play on what you are comfy with. Then there is the people that say you have to play a specific kind of mouthpiece. There are some instrument/mouthpiece combinations that flatter each other and some which are no no. There is no right and wrong answer trust me.

    I went down the mouthpiece route and I bought a 51D. I found it too much work, it has a deep cup and a wide throat (Note to the Moderators: I'm talking about the mouthpiece honest!!!!) And you need to be playing all the time or working heavily on your stamina. I presume your teacher has suggested it to you cos that is his mouthpiece of choice. Which to be fair I would suggest similar, as the characteristics of the mouthpiece would be known to him.

    Personally, I play on a Bach 5G. It is a good alround mouthpiece. I use it all the time on my large bore trom (Elkhart 8H) Most pro's have said it is a pretty standard set up.

    Hope your search is successful. You may wish to post a wanted advert here. Someone somewhere may have a secondhand one lurking about for a fraction of the cost. Sadly I sold mine.

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