Schilke Soprano Cornet for sale

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    Schilke Soprano Cornet for Sale - Excellent Condition.

    This is a non-beryllium bell Schilke Eb Cornet. In very good condition, perfect working order and complete withoriginal case. Looking for £1000 ONO.
    Schilke Sop.jpg

    "Our E[SUP]b[/SUP] cornet is the “reference standard” for soprano cornets in the Brass band tradition due to its uniformity in intonation, and sound color. The Schilke E[SUP]b[/SUP] cornet allows the player a greater sense of security and ease with superior projection when performing the virtuosic demands of the soprano cornet chair in the Brass band." - Courtesy of Schilke.

    If you want any further information or wish to try it out, please contact me on 07825 610319 or (or on here)

    Edward Knowles
    on Behalf of Unite the Union Brass Band (previously City of Sheffield)
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    I know this is an old post, but did you manage to sell the sop or is it still available?



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