Schilke Soprano Cornet Berillium Bell

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    I have decided that I may sell my Schilke Soprano Cornet.

    I bought this in 2006 and played it for 12 months before joining Grimethorpe on Bb so it has spent the last 4 years of it's 5 year life in the case and although I love the instrument, it is unlikely to get played again in the near future.

    It has just been given an overhaul to remove a couple of minor dings and is in absolutely perfect condition.

    This cost me £2500 and was only played for 12 months.

    It has a berillium bell and is just gorgeous.

    I don't need to sell it but it seems a shame to have it sitting there not being played so I would only consider sensible offers. I know band supplies are trying to sell a used one for £1800 so of course I would be willing to undercut them! (slightly)

    If anyone may be interested or you would like to see some pictures, please mail me at

    It won't be going on ebay as frankly I can't be bothered!

    Andrew Bannister
    Assistant Principal Cornet
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band

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