"Scarlet & Green"

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by catherine_S, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. catherine_S

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    I'm trying to locate a set of "Scarlet and Green" by Thomas Noble originally published by Boosey & Hawkes and now well and truly out of print. It was the regimental march of the 16th/5th Lancers and our band president who served with them is very keen that we should use it!

    Can anybody help? PLEAASE!
  2. Maestro

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    Try ringing Kneller Hall. One of the forces guys on here will know the number I'm sure.
  3. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, but they say they can't do anything for civilian bands:( (for copyright reasons)
  4. Trumpet Major

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    I remember playing this frequently in the army...the 16/5th amalgamated years ago and now I believe are somewhere deep in the light cavalry band..

    This is a link to their website http://www.army.mod.uk/bands/band_of_the_light_cavalry/index.htm

    if they cannot 'lend' you a copy, try kneller hall..they will have a copy for sure

    If you need any more help, please shout


  5. CubbRep

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    I will ask our band librarian on Saturday if we have it.I play top cornet for the Warwickshire band R.R.F.in Coventry.We have nearly every single regimental march going on march cards.PM me if youwant.
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    4th section Midland Areas Champion Band 2007.
    Principle cornet..The Warwickshire Band.R.R.F.
  6. Tub Thumper

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    I think Studio Music have the Boosey and Hawkes millitary band archive (think I got a catalogue from them reasonably recently) and they reprint/ photocopy things to order (I'm fairly sure that the millitary band set could easily be adapted for brass band). Might be worth contacting them.


    (I'm guessing you've contacted Boosey & Hawkes sheet music department already?)

  7. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    Thanks to all for your suggestions - I have now got the offer of a set (military band) so am looking forward to getting to grips with it before too long!

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