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    scaba's first event of the year; the Solo, Quartet and Ensemble contest, was held yesterday in Burgess Hill.

    Solo results - adjudicator Nick Garman:

    Junior Slow Melody 14 and under) (5 entries)
    1. Jason Hardy, Patcham Silver
    2. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
    3. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury

    Youth Slow Melody (18 and under) (5 entries)
    1. Hannah Bristow, Tilbury
    2. Jack Aitken, Tilbury
    3. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury

    Senior Slow Melody (4th, 3rd & 2nd section) (9 entries)
    1. Jon Smith, Battle Town
    2. Alex Emberley, LGB Brass
    3. Simon Emberley, LGB Brass
    4. Dave Relf, Oxted
    5. Adam Kearley, LGB
    6. Christina Kearley, LGB

    Senior Solo (air varie/florid)
    1. Jon Smith, Battle Town
    2. Hannah Bristow, Tilbury
    3. Adam Kearley, LGB Brass
    4. James Hurdwell, Patcham Silver

    Open Slow Melody (1st & Championship section and unregistered) (23 entries, 21 played)
    1. Lauren Straker, Friary Guildford
    2. Steve Lomas, Brassaholics
    3. Martin Smith, Horsham Borough
    4. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
    5. Chris Straker, Friary Guildford
    6. Nigel Howard, Sandhurst
    7. Gill English, Horsham

    Open Solo (air varie/florid) (15 entries, 13 played)
    1. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
    2. Chris Straker, Friary Guildford
    3. Steve Lomas, Brassaholics
    4. Martin Smith, Horsham Borough
    5. Rhys Cave, Thundersley
    6. Roland Knight, Friary Guildford
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    Quartets & Ensembles - adjudicator Alan Duguid

    Youth Section

    1. Lewes Area Music Centre ‘A’
    2. Lewes Area Music Centre ‘B’

    3rd Section
    1. Lingfield ‘A’
    2. Patcham ‘A’
    3. Patcham ‘B’
    4. Lingfield ‘C’
    5. Mayfield
    6. Lingfield ‘B’
    7. Patcham ‘C’

    1st Section
    1. Tilbury ‘A’
    2. Tilbury ‘B’
    3. Horsham

    Open Section
    1. Friary Guildford ‘A’
    2. Sandhurst ‘B’
    3. Brassaholics
    4. Sandhurst ‘A’
    5. Friary Guildford ‘B’

    (Junior & 2nd section quartets – no entries)

    Youth Section

    1. Lewes Area Music Centre
    2. Patcham ‘B’
    3. Patcham ‘A’
    4. Mid Sussex

    B Section (4th, 3rd &2nd section)
    1. Oxted
    2. L GB
    3. Lingfield
    4. Patcham
    5. Mayfield

    A Section (1st, Championship section & unregistered)
    1. Friary Guildford
    2. Sandhurst
    3. Tilbury
    4. Brassaholics

    Best Interpretation
    Junior/Youth sections: Jane Humberstone, Lewes Area MC Ensemble
    Senior Sections: Jonathon Bowden, Sandhurst ‘B’ Quartet
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    Congratulations to all the prize winners.

    Huge thanks go to contest manager Jane Stewart and the scaba team for their hard work in keeping the day running as smoothly as possible, to our adjudicators Alan and Nick who both had a very long but enjoyable day, and to all participants for their patience and understanding when timings went a little awry due to players taking part in both the solo and quartet/ensemble classes.
    scaba will be looking into ways to obviate this problem at future contests, and are looking forward to an even bigger and better event in 2015!