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  1. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    scaba held their annual solo competition at St Paul's College in Burgess Hill yesterday.
    Adjudicator John Winterflood enjoyed his first scaba contest and praised the high standard of music on show.
    Congratulations to all the prize winners, and special thanks to the accompanists who did such a great job supporting the soloists all day.


    Junior Slow Melody
    1. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
    2. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury
    3. Sam Horsbrough, LGB
    4. Stanley Aitken, Tilbury

    Junior Duet
    1. Braedyn & Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
    2. Seb Carpenter & Charis Goode, LGB

    Youth Slow Melody (5 entries)
    1. Jack Aitken, Tilbury
    2. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury
    3. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury

    Youth Solo (air varie/florid)
    1. Nick Hadland, Lingfield
    2. Kieran Johnstone, Lingfield

    Senior Slow Melody (6 entries)
    1. Dave Relf, Oxted
    2. Chris Yate, Lingfield
    3. Adam Kearley, LGB

    Senior Solo (air varie/florid)
    1. Adam Kearley, LGB

    Senior Duet
    1. George O’Mara & Stephanie Scholes, Cobham

    Open Slow Melody (22 entries)
    1. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
    2. Lorna Nicol, East London Brass
    3. Kevin Webb, East London Brass
    4. David Carter, ELB; Dave Relf, Oxted

    Open Solo (air varie/florid; 13 entries)
    1. Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
    2. Chris Straker, Friary Guildford
    3. David Carter, East London Brass
    4. Jack Aitken, Tilbury; Colin Leggett, ELB; Craig Rickards, Friary Guildford

    Open Duet
    1. Lauren & Richard Straker, Friary Guildford
    2. Matthew Harland & Lorna Nicol, East London Brass
    3. Kay Clarke & Gill English, Horsham Borough
    4. Chris Line & Sharon Williams, Horsham Borough

    The Quartet and Ensemble competition will be held as a separate event this year, on 25th April.
  2. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    Brighton, UK
    For those that are not aware, LGB brass is the public name of Lewes, Glynde & Beddingham Band.
  3. hobgoblin

    hobgoblin Member

    Nevermind - for a second there my heart lifted as I felt we had at last become a more inclusive community even if there were at present no 'T' on the end of LGB. Still, it appears the solo contest was a great success so bravo all concerned.
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