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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Accidental, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    Anyone know any results?
  2. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire
    Yes, but the programme is at home on my kitchen table! If no-one else beats me to it, I will post them when I get in tonight.
  3. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire

    Cancel that. Had them after all!
    I must say it's the first time i've attended this contest and it was exceptionally well run and was well supported both by number of entries and the audience.

    Here they are.....

    Junior quartet
    1. Patcham
    2. Midsussex
    3. Egham junior

    Youth quartet
    1. Mid suissex
    2. Egham junior
    3. Patcham

    Youth ensemble
    1. Mid sussex
    2. Redhill concert
    3. Patcham

    Junior slow melody
    1. Rhys Cave, Thundersley Brass
    2. Oliver Brooks, Heathfield
    3. Ben Day, Mid sussex

    Youth slow melody
    1. A Denman, Denmead
    2. Rhys Cave, Thundersley Brass
    3. K Wakeford-Brown, LGB

    3rd section quartet
    1. Mayfield B
    2. Patcham B
    3. Mayfield A

    2nd section quartet
    1. Uckfield
    2. Denmead
    3. Thundersley A

    B ensemble
    1. Mayfield
    2. Thundersley Brass
    3. Patcham

    Open quartet
    1. Uckfield
    2. Thundersley A
    3. Thundersley B

    A ensemble

    1. Thundersley Brass
    2. LGB
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  4. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    A big well done to the younger members of Mid Sussex who once again dominated the youth & junior sections and a special well done to Uckfield's Trombone Quartet - back in business with a bang!
  5. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    cheers m'dears.
    Well done to Thundersley, and YAY UCKFIELD!!! :clap: :biggrin: :clap:
  6. Jane Stewart

    Jane Stewart New Member

    Thanks Lauren - must say your lot did really well! Congrats.

    Full results were:
    Junior Quartet
    1st Patcham, 72, (The Night Sky)
    2nd Mid Sussex, 63, (Friday Rag)
    3rd Egham Junior, 62 (Skye Boat Song)
    Youth Quartet
    1st Mid Sussex, 80, (Bach Bites Back)
    2nd Egham Junior, 77, (Swaggering Trumpets)
    3rd Patcham, 72, (Three Dances)
    Youth Ensemble
    1st Mid Sussex, 76, (Accidental Blues, Have Fingers Will Travel, Magician Assistant and Deck of Cards)
    2nd Redhill Corps of Drums Concert, 74, (Mamma Mia)
    3rd Patcham, 72, (Fairlop Fanfare)
    4th Mayfield, 70, (Magnificent Seven)
    Junior Slow Melody
    1st Rhys Cave, Thundersley, 98, (Evergreen)
    2nd Oliver Brooks, Heathfield, 95 (The Swan)
    3rd Ben Day, Mid Sussex, 94 (Somewhere)
    4th Andrew Robinson, Egham Junior, 90 (Pavanne)
    5th Mark Robinson, Egham Junior, 89 (Last of the Summer Wine)
    6th Niamh Hall, Egham Junior, 82, (Pavanne)
    7th= Sam Cutler, Egham Junior, 81 (New World)
    7th= Liam Hall, Egham Junior, 81 (We are the Champions)
    7th= Sam Pepper, Egham Junior, 81 (Theme from Titanic)
    Withdrawn Hannah Labus, Mid Sussex
    Youth Slow Melody
    1st Adam Denman, Denmead, 93 (Haydn Trumpet Concerto 2nd mvt)
    2nd Rhys Cave, Thundersley, 92 (Share My Yoke)
    3rd Katy Wakeford-Brown, LGB, 91 (Theme from the Reformation Symphony)
    4th Oliver Brooks, Heathfield, 90 (Romanza)
    3rd Section Quartet
    1st Mayfield B, 82, (Restless Waters)
    2nd Patcham B, 74, (Clouds & Sunshine)
    3rd Mayfield A, 73, (Water Music)
    4th Patcham A, 70, (Canzon Cornetto)
    5th Eghma Junior B, 68, (Sunday Morning)
    6th Egham Junior A, 67, (Creation)
    2nd Section Quartet
    1st Uckfield, 86, (Four Pieces for Trombones)
    2nd Denmead, 83, (Timepiece)
    3rd Thundersley A, 80, (Petite Suite for Brass Quartet)
    4th LGB B, 75, (Phantom Horns)
    5th LGB A, 74, (A Little Suite)
    6th= LGB C, 73, (Age of Chivalry)
    6th= Mid Sussex B, 73, (Boosey& Co Quartets)
    8th= Mid Sussex A, 72, (As Time Goes By)
    8th= Thundersley B, 72, (Three English Madrigals)
    withdrawn LGB D
    Open Section Quartet
    1st Uckfield, 85, (Suite for Trombone Quartet)
    2nd Thundersley A, 82, (Foursome for Brass)
    3rd Thundersley B, 79, (Magic Flute)
    withdrawn Chichester A
    withdrawn Chichester B
    B Ensemble
    1st Mayfield, 80, (Divetimento)
    2nd Thundersley, 79, (Bohemian Rhapsody)
    3rd Patcham, 78, (Serenade from Eine Kleine Nactmusik)
    4th LGB, 77, (Marching the Blues)
    A Ensemble
    1st Thundersley, 82, (Finale from Swan Lake)
    2nd LGB, 80, (3 pieces from Festival Music)
    Wright & Round Cup for Best Interpretation in the Junior and Youth Sections
    Peter Mansfield, Mid Sussex
    Badman Challenge Cup for Best Interpretation in the senior sections
    Steve McKintyre, Uckfield Concert Brass
    Gerallt Hughes Camberley Band Trophy for the youngest competitor
    Carrigan Davis, Patcham
    £40 voucher for the band playing the highest number of parties
    This voucher, and those presented to the Junior and Youth Quartets and Solos were kindly donated by Phil Parker Ltd, who have supported this contest for more years than anyone can remember. Our grateful thanks to them, yet again.
  7. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire
    Thanks Jane for all your help prior to the day (and on the day!) you and your team ran the contest so professionally it made the day run so much more smoothly for us lot at Thundersley.
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