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  1. GIJoe

    GIJoe New Member

    Who is going to the Scaba Entertainments Contest on Sunday 15th May?

    A & B Section - And who are the favourites?!
  2. Gaupen

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  3. Johncornetflugel

    Johncornetflugel New Member

    From the SCABA Website
    A Section
    Chichester City Ross Hunt East London Brass Jayne Murrill W Epping Forest Denis Desmond Otterbourne Brass Chris Davis Regent Brass Alan Duguid W Soham Comrades Keith Schroeter Tertnes Amatørkorps Magnus Brandseth Tilbury Alan Duguid Ware Brass Philip Littlemore
    B Section W Brighton & Hove City Brass Matthew Hackett Dawsons Berkshire Youth Brass John Watts Denmead Brass Estelle Flood Hangleton Richard Baker Hemel Hempstead David Klein LGB Brass Ian Stewart Lingfield Silver Roy Fuller St Sebastian Wokingham Lee Woodward Vectis Brass Mary Teague W Vectis Youth Brass Mary Teague
  4. GIJoe

    GIJoe New Member

    Who are the favourites for each section? Does Paddy lower himself to this stuff?
  5. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    You'd be suprised what I lower myself to...

    A Section
    Tertnes Amatørkorps - 11/5 fav They're gonna be bringing a strong band guys n' gals
    Soham Comrades - 9/4
    Otterbourne Brass - 100/30
    Chichester City - 100/30
    Ware Brass - 12/1
    Tilbury - 14/1
    Epping Forest - 66/1 Not in this company, not for me

    B Section
    Denmead Brass - 11/8 fav
    St. Sebastians Wokingham - 100/30
    Hangleton - 9/2
    LBG Brass - 11/2
    Brighton & Hove City Brass - 13/2
    Hemel Hempstead - 12/1
    Berkshire Youth Brass - 25/1
    Vectis Youth Brass - 100/1
    Lingfield Silver - 150/1
  6. GIJoe

    GIJoe New Member

    Never doubted you for a minute!
  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    You haven't got the right info Paddy - there's been a few withdrawals and 1 entry off the reserve list. Competing bands (as shown on the scaba website) are:

    B Section
    Dawsons Berkshire Youth (John Watts)
    Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood)
    Hangleton (Richard Baker)
    Hemel Hempstead (David Klein)
    LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
    Lingfield Silver (Roy Fuller)
    St Sebastian Wokingham (Lee Woodward)
    Vectis Brass (Mary Teague)

    A Section
    Chichester City (Ross Hunt)
    East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)
    Otterbourne Brass (Chris Davis)
    Regent Brass (Alan Duguid)
    Tertnes Amatørkorps (Magnus Brandseth)
    Tilbury (Alan Duguid)
    Ware Brass (Philip Littlemore)
  8. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    Good luck to all competing later - should be a fun day!
  9. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    B Section Results:

    1. LGB Brass
    2. St Sebastian Wokingham
    3. Hangleton
    4. Denmead Brass
    5. Dawsons Berkshire Youth
    6. Vectis Brass
    7. Hemel Hempstead
    8. Lingfield

    Best Soloist: Jay Taylor, Euphonium, Vectis Brass
    Best Trombone Section: St Sebastian Wokingham
    Best Compere/Conductor: David Klein, Hemel Hempstead
    Highest Unplaced Youth/3rd Section band: Dawsons Berkshire Youth

    Fab result for LGB and Saints :clap:
  10. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    A Section Results

    1. East London Brass (9)
    2. Tilbury (7)
    3. Tentnes Amatørkorps*(2)

    Highest unplaced section 1 band:*Otterbourne Brass (1)
    Best March: Otterbourne
    Best soloist: Tim Vinall, Cornet (Tilbury)

    Adjudicator: David Horsfield

    NB. Some penalty points were incurred by bands; the end result may not reflect the placingsas originally given by the adjudicator.
  11. GIJoe

    GIJoe New Member

    Anyone got the full results?
    What were the penaltys for?
  12. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    Penalty points were for running over time; sorry for not being clearer earlier.

  13. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    Full results are now listed on the SCABA website as follows:

    B Section Place Band Conductor Draw 1 LGB Brass Ian Stewart 3 2 St Sebastian Wokingham Lee Woodward 4 3 Hangleton Richard Baker 9 4 Denmead Brass Estelle Flood 10 5 Dawsons Berkshire Youth Brass John Watts 8 6 Vectis Brass IOW Mary Teague 6 7 Hemel Hempstead David Klein 5 8 Lingfield Silver Roy Fuller 1 W Vectis Youth Brass IOW Mary Teague 2 W Brighton & Hove City Brass Matthew Hackett 7
    Special Awards
    Highest Unplaced Yth/ 3rd Sect. Band Dawsons Berkshire Youth Brass John Watts Highest placed Yth Band Dawsons Berkshire Youth Brass John Watts Best Soloist Jay Taylor – Euphonium Vectis Brass IOW Best Trombone Section St Sebastian Wokingham Best Compere Conductor David Klein Hemel Hempstead
    A Section Place Band Conductor Draw 1 East London Brass Jayne Murrill 9 2 Tilbury Alan Duguid 7 3 Tertnes Amatørkorps Magnus Brandseth 2 4 Otterbourne Brass Chris Davis 1 5 Regent Brass Alan Duguid 3 6 Chichester City Ross Hunt 4 7 Ware Brass Philip Littlemore 5 W Soham Comrades Keith Schroeter 6 W Epping Forest Denis Desmond 8
    Special Awards
    Highest Unplaced 1st Sect Band Otterbourne Brass Chris Davis Best Soloist Tim Vinall – cornet Tilbury Best Performed March Otterbourne Brass Chris Davis

    Having only caught a glimpse of the full points sheet after the contest, which showed the breakdown for musical content, entertainment, deportment and time penalties, I am fairly sure that the only band to incur time penalty points was Tentnes Amatørkorps. Had these penalties not been applied, they would have been 2 points ahead of East London on musical content (ELB having equal scores in other categories) and so retained 1st place. I mention this with the aim of clarifying the earlier confusion, and for journalistic impartiality ;)
  14. Jack

    Just to clarify here:

    East London got Music (52), Content (24) and Deportment (9)
    Tertnes got Music (54), Content (24) and Deportment ( 8 ) and a time penalty of (-3) for running over a fair amount.

    Without the time penalty it would have been Tertnes in first place by 1 point.

    Ware also got some time penalties.

    Maybe wait until seeing the full sheet at thurs reh before commenting on the score breakdowns :)

  15. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    Another well run SCABA contest. Well done to the prize winners.
  16. euphymike

    euphymike Member

    Paddy I'm disappointed that you didn't do a lot of research on this important contest.
    I was hoping to double my virtual tenner winnings with a win double on ELB and LGB. I suspect initials are the way forward in band betting now.
    punters note to paddy flower, virtual bookie. must research subject
    disillusioned of Ilford

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