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    scaba's annual Entertainment contest will take place at The Hawth in Crawley tomorrow, Sunday 18th May

    competing bands:

    B Section (Youth, 3rd, 2nd section bands) ~ starts 10am

    1. St Sebastian (Lee Woodward) withdrawn
    2. Chinnor Silver ( David Pegram)
    3. Cobham (Glenn Hayter)
    4. Harlow Brass (Chris Johnston)
    5. LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
    6 Amersham (Paul Fisher)
    7. Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood) withdrawn
    8. Hangleton (Richard Baker) withdrawn

    9. Richmond Youth (Victoria Curran)

    A section (1st & Championship section bands) ~ starts 2pm

    1. Ocean Brass (Edward March) withdrawn
    2. Epsom and Ewell (Jack Smith) withdrawn

    3. Friary Guildford (Chris King)
    4. Tilbury (Andrew Austin)
    5. Alder Valley (Roger Burke)
    6. Otterbourne (Gareth Pritchard)
    7. BAE (Jonathan Crowhurst)
    8. Yiewsley & West Drayton (Chris Cole)
    9.Fulham Brass (John Ward)

    Each band will play a programme of up to 24 minutes.
    Points will be awarded by adjudicator Richard Evans for Musical Performance (60), Entertainment Value (30) and Presentation & Deportment (10).

    Tickets are available from the Hawth box office on the day: £7.50 adults / £4 concessions / children under 9 free.

    We're looking forward to a great day of music making and hope to see some of you there!
    Live results will be tweeted (follow @scabaMedia / #scabaEnts) and full results will be posted here and on tomorrow night.
  2. Accidental

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    B Section results:
    1. Amersham
    2. LGB Brass
    3. Chinnor

    Best soloist - Dan King (trombone), Chinnor
    Best trombones - Amersham
    Best compere/conductor - Vickie Curran, Richmond youth

    Highest placed scaba member band - Amersham
    Highest unplaced 3rd section band - Harlow Brass
    Highest placed Youth band - Richmond Youth
  3. Accidental

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    A Section results:
    1. Friary Guildford
    2. Otterbourne
    3. BAE Systems

    Best soloist - Richard Straker (cornet), Friary Guildford
    Best March - Friary Guildford

    highest unplaced 1st section band - Fulham

    Full result and points breakdown for both sections now on
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    No they're not!!!! ;) (yet!!!)
    PS Congratulations (again!!) Alex
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    yeah they were, I just hadn't hit the right button to get them on the front page (blonde..... :p)
    And thanks!
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    Ha-ha - I haven't known you be anything else but blonde!!!! :-D
    Oh, and how on earth can bands go 2 and 2½ minutes over time time in a contest restricted to 24 minutes!! :dunno
    I bet Fulham and Alder Valley are kicking themselves!!
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    (1st & Championship section bands) 1. Friary Guildford, Chris King. 91 points (57/25/9)
    2. Otterbourne, Gareth Pritchard. 80 points (49/23/8)
    3. BAE Systems, Jonathan Crowhurst. 79 points (48/23/8)
    4. Fulham Brass, John Ward. 78 points (52/22/8 -4)
    5. Tilbury, Andrew Austin. 77 points (48/21/8)
    6. Alder Valley, Roger Burke. 76 points (51/22/8 -5)
    7. Yiewsley & West Drayton, Chris Cole. 76 points (47/21/8)
    - Ocean Brass – Withdrawn
    - Epsom & Ewell – Withdrawn
    Best Soloist – Richard Straker, cornet, Friary Guildford
    Best March – Friary Guildford
    Highest unplaced 1st section band – Fulham

    B Section
    (2nd, 3rd & Youth section bands)

    1. Amersham, Paul Fisher. 88 points (55/26/7)
    2. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart. 85 points (53/25/9 -2)
    3. Chinnor Silver, David Pegram. 79 points (50/22/7)
    4. Harlow Brass, Chris Johnston. 74 points (47/22/6 -1)
    5. Cobham, Glenn Hayter. 72 points. (43/24/6 -1)
    - Richmond Youth, Victoria Curran. 70 points (40/23/7)
    - Denmead Brass – Withdrawn
    - Hangleton – Withdrawn
    - St Sebastian Wokingham – Withdrawn

    Best Soloist – Dan King, Trombone, Chinnor
    Best Trombone Section – Amersham
    Best Compere/Conductor – Victoria Curran, Richmond Youth
    Highest unplaced 3rd section band – Harlow
    Highest placed scaba member band – Amersham
    Highest placed Youth band – Richmond Youth
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    Harlow Band attended the Scaba Entertainment contest on Sunday the 18[SUP]th[/SUP] May 2014, the bands second contest appearance after over a 10 year break from contesting.
    An early start to arrive at the Hawth Theater in Crawley for 9.30am, and what a wonderful venue for a Brass Band, a very well organised contest with every facility required including a warm up room, café & a Bar!
    We were up against some bands that are graded on a National basis a lot higher than us as we are not even registered Nationally.
    Effectively if we were registered Nationally we would be graded in the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Section as this is where every band starts.
    We set up on stage in a different formation than a standard brass band and this was intended to provide a totally different sound and presentation, which in my opinion worked very well.
    Our 20 minute programme commenced with the March Brass Adventures, a lovely lively march, followed by an unpublished arrangement of Malaguena, a terrific arrangement, then we featured our Flugel soloist Mel Hanmore with Share My Yoke a very soulful composition by I Bosanko and played beautifuly by Mel, We then featured our Great Solo Cornet section Roy, Mike, Jo & John and also Chris on Soprano Cornet with Cornets a Go Go, the team really got into this one. Our final item was Gospel Brass Machine which showed the bands rythmn qualities and great full band sound!
    The band performed to there best and sounded very good indeed, we could not have played any better.
    The result, being placed 4[SUP]th[/SUP] behind two 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] section bands and One 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] section band, and being awarded the Highest unplaced 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] section band award.
    A great day was had by all, the band enjoyed the day out and are very proud of the way they performed and so they should be.
    A great band, great people, great atmosphere!
    Chris Johnston (MD)