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    scaba's annual Autumn Contest will be held at The Hawth, Crawley on 25th Sept.
    See for more info and a contest schedule.

    The contest format is own choice Test Piece and hymn tune (2 verses out of either the Red Wright & Round 150 Hymns book or the blue Salvation Army Tune Book)
    Our Adjudicators will be Mike Kilroy and Dennis Wilby

    Entries will be limited to 30 bands, on a first come first served basis with priority being given to scaba member bands for the first 14 days.
    The closing date for entries is 21st August.
  2. scaba Media

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    Closing date is 21st August - get your entry form here!

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    West Sussex
    We always have a really good day at The Hawth - great facilities at the venue including a free warm up studio and good disabled access, all large percussion provided by Ev-entz to save the hassle and cost of bringing your own, relaxed registration/borrowing rules to make it as easy as possible to get a full band on stage, some excellent local bands on show, and prize money up for grabs...

    Closing date is this weekend, any bands still interested in entering can just contact scaba via the website to let them know
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