SCABA Autumn Contest Folkstone 2007

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  1. Any idea which bands are coming to Folkstone this year?

    My band, Brass Band Heist, is coming for the first time this year. Also from belgium are coming Brass Band Kortrijk and Brass Band Bacchus.
  2. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    Cranbrook should be there. Brassband Panta Rhei Gent may also be there from Belgium as they were looking for a concert venue on the Saturday. I know BAE systems are going as our MD plays principle cornet for them. When I went to a rehearsal, there was also talk of Uckfield Concert Brass entering.
  3. Panta Rhei is not coming this year (their MD told me).

    About the other belgian bands, my band BB Heist is 2nd division, BB Bacchus 1st division and BB Kortrijk Champion Section.
  4. markh

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    I know KM medway are going and my brother-in-law is playing for Tilbury
  5. I can confirm from what iv heard Soham Comrades won't be going this year
  6. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    As we've qualified for the National Finals and Folkestone is two weeks afterwards, Egham won't be doing Folkestone this year I'm afraid.
  7. Redhorn

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    Despite running this contest again, after the failure to last year- I believe that not many bands are entering- perhaps because there is no prize money... allegedly!!!
  8. andywooler

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    I'll be there with Mid Sussex Brass (as conductor) and Brighton & Hove City Brass (on Sop).
    Uckfield will not be there - this one was a little too soon - watch this space for Hove though.
  9. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Same with us, shame really, I really like the Folkestone contest and we've done reasonably well last couple of times we've been
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  10. backrowboy

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    Haverhill will be going.
  11. cornetcheese

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    Regent Brass will also be there!
  12. markh

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    That's a shame but was the fear that my own band had - not the lack of prize money but lower competition because of the prize money. In the past we have been able to compete against some really good bands who may now be missing due to the lack of prize money. We decided to go anyway and hope that other bands take the same stance so that the level of competition remains high.
  13. Bungle

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    markh, do you know if KM Medway concert are attending?
  14. markh

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    Sorry Geoff I don't but I'm sure one of them must be watching the thread and will be able to answer!
  15. Daisy Duck

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    I'll be there with Battle Town Band.
  16. Will the Sec

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    I'll be there, either as a bass for hire, or to watch, and maybe to peddle a certain piece of music....
  17. pds24649449

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    Does anyone know if Denmead Brass Band AKA Cosham Concert Brass are attending this contest if so what day?:clap:
  18. Am I ME?

    Am I ME? Member

    Shanklin Town and Shanklin Youth will be there - we have a 4.45am start to get there in time
  19. Soham decided a while ago not to take part because of the m.d vacency failing to be filled. Graham Sheldon has stepped in now as the new m.d - and the band are hoping to rebuild in order to enter next year after reasonably tough times.
  20. stevetrom

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    and I thought you had'nt entered because you can't trust that old codger on bass trom !

    siminbassbone, my older, uglier and generally less marvelous big bruvver !