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    West Sussex
    The scaba Autumn Contest will take place on Sunday 13th September at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley

    Our adjudicators for the day will be John Berryman and Nicholas Garman

    This is an own-choice Test Piece contest
    Entry is limited to 30 bands
    The closing date for entries is 9th August

    The Contest Schedule and entry form, along with additional information and forms, can be found in the CONTESTING section of
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    The Contest will start at 9.30am on Sunday with the Third Section playing to adjudicator Nick Garman.
    We look forward to seeing some of you there!

    Bands Entered:
    Atout Vent
    Chichester City
    Cold Ash Brass
    Crystal Palace
    Epping Forest
    Epsom & Ewell Silver
    Horsham Borough
    LGB Brass
    Milton Keynes Brass
    Mole Valley Silver
    Regent Community Brass
    Shanklin Town Brass
    Snowdown Colliery
    Thundersley Brass (withdrawn)
    Wantage Silver
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    Full Results from today's contest:

    Third Section
    1. Crystal Palace, Michael Gray
    2. Cobham, Glenn Hayter
    3. Snowdown Colliery, Keith Twyman
    4. Mole Valley, Andrew Wilson

    Best Hymn, Best March – Crystal Palace

    Best instrumentalist – James Simpson, Cobham
    Best Back Row Cornets, best Percussion – Crystal Palace
    Best Bass Section – Cobham
    Conductor’s prize – Michael Gray, Crystal Palace

    Second Section
    1. Brass Band Atout Vent, William Houssoy
    2. Regent Community Brass, Chris Bearman
    3. LGB Brass, Ian Stewart
    4. Epping Forest, Keith Schroeter
    5. Cold Ash Brass, Jemma Evans
    6. Chichester City, Tim Cooper
    7. Shanklin Town, Malcolm Lewis

    Best Hymn, Best March – Atout Vent

    Best instrumentalist – Amaud Peru, Atout Vent
    Best Solo Horn – Peter Maartens, Atout Vent
    Best Horn Section, Best Percussion – Atout Vent
    Conductor’s Prize – Chris Bearman, Regent

    First Section
    1. Milton Keynes Brass, Craig Patterson
    2. Epsom & Ewell, Paul Graham
    3. BAE Systems, Jonathan Crowhurst
    4. Horsham Borough, Jack Smith

    Best Hymn – Horsham
    Best March – Epsom & Ewell

    Best Instrumentalist – Rachel Scott, Milton Keynes
    Best Euphonium – Kevin Kavanagh, Milton Keynes
    Best Bass Section – Milton Keynes
    Conductor’s Prize – Paul Graham, Epsom & Ewell

    Championship Section
    1. Wantage Silver, Craig Patterson
    Thundersley Brass – Withdrawn

    Best March, Best Hymn Tune, Best Percussion Section, Best Bass Section, Conductor’s Prize – Wantage
    Best Instrumentalist – Mike Wallbridge
    Best Euphonium – Sam Wyne

    Congratulations to the prize winners and big thanks to all the competitors, Contest manager Jane Stewart and the scaba team, Ev-Entz and The Hawth staff for another enjoyable day of music making.
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