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    The newly re-structured Autumn Contest organised by scaba and taking place on 16 October 2010 at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, has proved so popular that Contest Manager Jane Stewart has announced that entry to the contest has now been officially closed, two weeks ahead of schedule.
    Having historically been held over two days and suffering dwindling numbers in recent years, the new structure will witness a one-day event featuring an impressive 34 bands and the appointment of two judges.
    Commenting on the impressive and quick response of bands, Jane said: “scaba is delighted at the response of its competing bands to this change in format and we look forward to running a vibrant and rejuvenated contest in the Autumn. Originally we set a limit of 30 bands and this has been surpassed, to the degree that we will now be appointing a second adjudicator for the event.”
    A full list of competing bands and further information will be released soon via scaba’s on-line information system at
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    Runners and Riders are up on the scaba website now.
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    Blonde Moment.....

    I managed to take the list off a different year, lets try again!

    Third section
    Amersham - Paul Fisher
    Charles Church Camberley - Robert Cherry
    Lingfield Silver - Roy Fuller
    Snowdown Colliery - Keith Twyman
    Sussex Brass (Hastings) - Steve Hollamby

    Youth Section
    Shanklin Town Youth - Malcolm Lewis

    Second Section
    Betteshanger Colliery Band - Steve McIntyre
    Colchester - Peter Ivey
    Cranbrook Town - Ian Lanceley
    Hangleton - Richard Baker
    Hitchin - Craig Patterson
    Medway Concert Brass - Garrie Harvey
    Oxted - Martin Beaumont
    Shanklin Town - Malcolm Lewis
    St Sebastian Wokingham - Lee Woodward
    Uckfield Concert Brass - Nick Morris

    First section
    BAE Systems Brass - Keith Woodger
    Chichester City - Russ Young
    Denham Hendon - Gordon Davies
    Epping Forest - Denis Desmond
    Epsom & Ewell - Ted Howard
    Fairlop Brass - Kevin Jordan
    Horsham Borough - Linda Cole
    Thundersley Brass - Roland Morris
    Waterbeach Brass - James Utting
    Yiewsley & West Drayton – Christopher Cole

    Championship section
    Friary Guildford – Chris King
    (Ipswich & Norwich - Graham Chambers - W)
    Kortrijk - Lieven Maertens
    Soham Comrades - Keith Schroeter
    Wantage Silver A – Phil Bailey

    Its going to be a long day!
    Really good to see some old/different names amongst the entries too.
  4. Big Shiny Brass

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    No 4th section?
  5. scaba Media

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    We would like to try & promise not as late as the last section at Harrogate!!

    It is a pre-draw so hopefully if bands are in the right place at the right time and we, the scaba Team, work our little socks off throughout the day we should have a happy medium.

    Hopefully everyone will enjoy the day and the adjudicators will enjoy the music.

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    scaba said farewell to the 4th section in 1991. Up until that time they had no first section - Yth, 4th, 3rd 2nd & Champ.

    From 1992 we have had Yth, 3rd, 2nd 1st & Champ sections.

    Hope this helps.

    scaba Media
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    I'm guessing that it would help more if you included the phrase "local grading system", then pointed out that some bands are graded locally one section higher than they are nationally. ;)
  8. andywooler

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    Or perhaps the correct version would be "Traditional" or "Original" Grading System. The Nationals added a section and there just aren't enough bands in many local associations to split between 5 sections.
  9. Leyfy

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    Yeah, we wanted to enter, but missed out as we didn't get in quick enough :(

    On the plus side, its good to see a contest so well supported :tup
  10. Aardvark

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    Us too :(
  11. Super Ph

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  12. Accidental

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    Disgraceful? Which bit?

    That scaba have managed to put together a full contest despite only getting the hall for half the usual time this year, or that the maximum number of bands entered well before the closing date? Shocking, innit?!
    Maybe words like laudable or healthy might be more appropriate....
  13. Leyfy

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  14. Super Ph

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    the whole debacle.
  15. andywooler

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    so, what exactly is your gripe with SCABA? You too good to play in southern bands or something?
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  16. Laserbeam bass

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    Let's all play a game called stop responding to the troll, and get back on topic.

    Good luck to all at Folkestone.

    I hope the new format works.
  17. Will the Sec

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    Great to see Peter Roberts back in the box. I trust that his opinions will be treated with respect and commented on with civility irrespective of the results, in person, in private correspondence and on-line.
  18. Bass Trumpet

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    Us too. While I agree with you that it's good that a contest is well supported, I think that organisers should stick with the date they published.
  19. andywooler

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    So the alternative is: Your band are the last to respond, the contest is oversubscribed and a lottery is used to decide who gets the place. This could be the first band to respond.
    You think thats fairer?
  20. Super Ph

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    exactly. what a let down. how difficult would it have been to notice that the contest was filling up fast and do something sensible?

    i'm sure the bands that have supported them through some very lean years indeed and then been turned away this time through no fault of their own will think twice before entering next time.

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