SBBA SWISS COMPOSERS COMPETITION - until 1st of September 2016

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    The Swiss Brass Band Association (SBBA) is currently running a composers competition with the objective of promoting the creation of new concert music for brass bands. SBBA has always contributed to the extension of the repertoire for brass band by regularly commissioning new works and would like to continue this way in the form of an open composers competition. The winners will have the opportunity to see their winning compositions chosen as test pieces at the National Brass Band Championship of Switzerland. The difficulty/level of the composition can be chosen between medium (4th cat. to 2nd cat.) and semi-professional (1st cat. and Championship Section) by the Composer.

    Prizes are as follows: 1st prize CHF 4’000.-, 2nd prize CHF 3’000.-, 3rd prize CHF 2’000.-. The jury will announce the names of the prizewinners in February 2017.

    Further information
    You will get further information as well as the competition rules under Deadline for submissions is 1st of September 2016.
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    Thanks for the reminder.

    I must get back to work on my concerto for alphorn (or baritone), cuckoo clock and brass band.

    The working title is, Music for Sepp Blatter (up the creek !).

    (with apologies to Philip Sparke)
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