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    From the SBBA site,

    The Scottish Brass Band Association (SBBA) is delighted to announce that a 12 month sponsorship agreement has been reached this week with the British instrument manufacturer, Geneva Instruments. The significant level of funding being offered by Geneva Instruments will assist SBBA in its work in expanding brass band communities across Scotland, including support for its rapidly growing Youth Development Programme and the advancement of the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland.

    SBBA is recognised internationally as a leader in youth band development and being at the forefront of new musical initiatives to support growth and opportunities within the brass band genre. In response, Geneva Instruments (whose instruments are endorsed by an impressive collection of musicians including Rod Franks, Kenny Ball, Mark Crown, John Hudson, Mike Eccles and Jimmy Hayes) has recognised the importance of supporting a forward thinking environment which is having a positive musical impact on a widespread community of musicians - in the last 5 years alone, SBBA has introduced over 2,000 children to the enjoyment and benefits of brass band music, resulting in a continued strengthening of the adult player infrastructure throughout the country. Geneva Instruments' financial commitment to the Association demonstrates their likeminded belief in offering support in the present to help protect an active future.

    John Hamilton, Commercial Development Manager for SBBA commented: "This partnership is a major step forward for SBBA as it not only provides financial assistance for the Association's work, but is further enhanced by the expertise and opportunities the Geneva Instruments Brass Clinicians can bring to Scotland for our member bands - helping to develop the technical abilities of individual players through workshops and master-classes, resulting in a collective improvement to the overall standard of brass bands in Scotland.

    I am very optimistic that this new relationship will flourish, not least because of the mutual respect, understanding and drive for the furtherance of brass bands, which is shared by both parties. It has been a pleasure working with Craig Buchan [Geneva Instruments' Managing Director] to lay the foundations for this agreement and we are very grateful for his commitment to our work."

    The sponsorship is for an initial 12 month period and it is hoped that Geneva Instruments will look to take advantage of the renewal option prior to the end date, viewing the partnership as a long-term investment in the brass players and bands of the future.

    George Burt, President of SBBA continued: "We are implementing a long-term development strategy that will continue to achieve the expansion of brass bands in Scotland, together with the modernisation of the movement, and it is far-sighted of Geneva Instruments to support us in this way. Whilst the Association is still a long way from obtaining the level of funding required to carry out its many ambitious plans, this sponsorship represents a very significant cornerstone to help the Association on its journey."

    Craig Buchan, Managing Director of Geneva Instruments responded: "It is quite apparent that the Scottish Brass Band Association is progressive in its thinking and approach to brass bands ‘north of the border'. As a British company, we are very proud to be working with SBBA and are looking forward to a mutually successful partnership. The Executive Committee have a clear goal of exactly what they want to achieve, borne through professional values, making it an easy decision to offer our support".

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