Say goodbye to performance nerves forever!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rob, May 15, 2007.

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    A friend of mine, Angela Whitehead, has asked me to inform tMP members of how her hypnotherapy business can be beneficial to brass players, and musicians in general. She is an extremely experienced hypnotherapist based in Manchester, who specialises in boosting confidence, particularly in performance and exam situations.

    Highly qualified, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and trained by Paul McKenna, Angela is available for consultations either at the Crossway Clinic in Didsbury, South Manchester, or the client's place of employment/study.

    Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method of developing confidence and self-esteem, becoming a non-smoker, dealing with fears and phobias and feeling more in control of every situation you encounter.

    Having been a client of Angela's myself, I can personally testify that her methods are extremely effective, and completely safe and relaxing!!

    To find out more about what Angela can offer to brass players, you can contact her on 0161 225 4694, or 07879 646077. Alternatively, you can email Or check the website at

    Cheers! Rob
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    whats wrong with raw nerves and the smell of fear to inspire. if your confident in the conductor and the players around you then you start from there
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    So does that mean you finally quit smoking?
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Why not get Angela to register and post here on tMP herself...? She can offer her own advice and can answer questions that get aimed in her direction.
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    We could have Angela's Sunday Surgery
  6. Nerves are important! Nerves get natural stimulants flowing around the body, increasing concentration etc! But i agree, i wish i could find a way of preventing the shortening of breath when i get nervous. That harms my playing and phrasing.
  7. Texus

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    Can she hypnotise me to play in time, in tune and without the laser sharp sound i've developed?

    Good luck though.
  8. Mesmerist

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    I am a Hypnotherapist too and sorry Texus it works well but has too be realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only joking I am sure you CAN do all these things...:wink:
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    Actually, having an operation on your hand then playing a contest that same night (while a stupid idea!) gets the adrenalin flowing and so no nerves!

    Alternatively, rub lavender essential oils into your hand with moisturiser. And breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. It may not get rid of all the nerves, but it calms you down. My reflexologist taught me that.
  10. What does that help with? I'm not criticising or doubting what you're saying, just wondering what that's for! :)
  11. Mr_Chairman

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    The reflexologist is my wife - lavender has calming properties
  12. Ahhh... So it calms through inhailing? Or actually calms finger muscles?
  13. is sum1 havin a laugh! dont cure nerves! you need them! up the concentration levels! its just another way to try and make money that is! i have neva herd a professional conduct tell another player to seek guidance! anyway thats my moan done! lol
  14. brassed_off

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    I agree with James, nerves do help! And no matter what you do I believe you'll never entirely get rid of nerves.
    The lavender helps through inhailing the scent and also it goes in though the skin I believe - just has a calming effect - stops you feeling like you want to be ill just before going on stage and helps you concentrate. At least it does for me.


    PS: Hi Ken! Your Mrs is a great relflexologist. Recommended to all!
  15. Can anyone reccomend anything to stop fingers feeling weird with nerves? It's not i 'play the wrong fingerings', it just feels different so i sometimes make mistakes. Any ideas? It's liked to nerves so in the right thread...