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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Anglo Music Press, Oct 20, 2004.

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    It certainly seems rather an extreme reaction. Speaking to people on Saturday, quite a lot had been unsure of the piece at first but found they grew to like it more as rehearsals went on. I certainly, as a listener, found more in it as the day went by, and as various conductors brought their own insight into play - something else that they apparently shouldn't have done!
  3. Dave Payn

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    Funny thing is, I reckon I've 'contributed' too much to that forum lately as my latest few paragraphs sent to their comments page, (basically, not understanding the fuss about the choices for the lower section test pieces) didn't get included! (Incidentally, the nice words about my 'soapbox' has already been addressed, in case you weren't wondering!) All the same, the omission was worth it just to read the clearly 'glowing' (as in, 'this would 'glow' well if it were set fire to - a gag based on Mr Clark's appraisal, not my own view!) appraisal of Michael Ball's piece. ;-)
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    Personally I thought it was a great test-piece - atmospheric with touches of Howells and a real test for Corn/Sop players (perhaps too much of a test? - its a band thing not accompanied solosits). The Alliance Brass band didn't do too badly either (15th) - unlike a band well known to me (18th I think) who, while we were on stage, decided to forget about the weeks of work from players and conductor and took the "club style" approach to contesting for 13 mins! :-? Oh well - need a good area and get back next year, thats the answer.

    Its always been the same for the newer, "different" pieces. I reckon "...atfotm..." will be used quite a lot in own choice comps as its a great piece and not that hard (except cornets/sop).
  5. yr_epa

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    I enjoyed playing the piece by the end but didn't think much of it at the start! Not only is it a musical challenge, it is also a challenge mentally (in my opinion!), having to concentrate for over 15 mins with all kinds of different tempo markings and allargando's and challenging solo lines.

    So for me, it gets a "thumbs up"
  6. Ste69

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    Yeah...I enjoyed it, didn't at first but it really grew on me.

    I thought we had a pretty good interpretation of it as well..........Sadly it was not to be and I guess the guys in the box had the final say [nail in coffin] on that.

    Never mind eh?
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    Hi there,

    I personally was a bit disappointed of the test piece.

    It had a few nice moments but nothing special (especially if you know some of Michael Balls other pieces).

    The challanges were only in the Solo-Cornet and Soprano-Cornet part. In the other parts was nothing special.

    I had the feeling that lots of the bands didn't make enough music.....maybe they didn't like the piece too much? Especially the solos were played often too quick (nerves ?)....In my opinion they should take more time in the solos and enjoy themselves more (it was even written in the score, p.e. freely etc.) ....but maybe the conductors wanted it so....


    P.S. In general I had a great day and I know criticising is always easy...
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    ... the thing that bugs me about John Clark's letter in 4barsrest is that if he didn't like the piece as much as he suggested, why didn't he step aside to allow someone else to enthusiastically rehearse and conduct it on the day? And which wind band piece was he referring to that it was so blatantly borrowed from? :eek:
  9. nickjones

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    Its a new piece , there was no right or wrong way to interprete the score, after all the tempo markings ( like a lot of Michael Ball's works) are not set in concrete , and how many times were the words " flexible "and " with space "in the score .
    I liked the piece from the first rehersal and like it now ( we even have a concert at Bangor University in a couple of weeks which we are putting it on again ).
    still not the end of the world , life goes on......
  10. wally

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    Well - what an angry man John Clark is!

    It certainly wasn't the most awesome test piece I've heard and I havent tried to play or conduct the piece but i did listen to several performances of it last saturday. For what its worth, I really enjoyed it, I found it at times inspiring and beautiful, but only when played by a VERY good band and isnt that what its all supposed to be about?
  11. IYOUNG

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    As a lower section player and conductor I enjoyed listening to it, the interesting part was they varying interpretations.

    I simply enjoy the music for what it is a peice written by Dr Ball for the use at the National Finals and the great players that I can only aspire to.

    Some liked it some didn't end of story. But it did the job easily of sorting out the winners.

    I for one am not sure why people get so het up over music, its there to be enjoyed
  12. nickjones

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    Just a question for any percussionists or band managers of competing bands on saturday , did anyone get a telephone from one of the organisers informing you that you could not use a type of beater for Vibraphone ( which was marked in the score ) , we got one last thursday night. bit odd really.
  13. Will the Sec

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    I enjoyed it, but I did a fair amount of previewing the Study Score before I went, and so had already noted various bits to look out for.

    That said, I can't say that after hearing it so many times, I can't hum more than one of the themes.
  14. Dave Payn

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    But that's not the ultimate criterion for a suitable test piece, to my ears.
  15. brassneck

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    Heheheh! Who wrote that one, To My Ears? Korngold? :rolleyes:
  16. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Maybe it was a variation of 'Lobe' den Herren!
  17. Anglo Music Press

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    No, I don't think so. His was mostly cereal music :rolleyes:
  18. brassneck

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    .... with loads of sugar puffs for the front bench? ;) (mind you, Korngold is spelled with a Special K)
  19. brassneck

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    Was it true that Korngold's music influenced Jean Balissat to write 'Le Chant de L'Alpen' ?? (I promise, no more!)
  20. Anglo Music Press

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    Shame - I know it's a bit of a maize, but I've barley started

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