saturday 18th june is..

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by HorniKaz, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. HorniKaz

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    ....... National Badger Day

    Not sure if bigmamabadger was aware of this, but I thought it should be brought to everyones attention!! :clap:
  2. Di

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    Wahoo, perhaps we can all go round to BMB's house and visit all the little badgers in her very own Badger Reserve in her back yard. ;)
  3. yonhee

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    Haha June the 17th is the day my mum nearly ran over a badger! Do you think she wont manage to swerve tomorow?
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  4. btrommatt

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    I know someone at work called 'the badger!!!!'

    Shall i tell you why?;)
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    i do love the badger, what with its claws and black and white stuff, and its been in books....
    i'm a great lover of nature, so is our ada. however theres one day of the year, the last week in february, when i leave our ada, get my binoculours and overcoat, pull my hat over my eyes and go searching.
    want to join me in this important research?

    for more information click


    uncle eric
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    A little rude, but we always this person had similar features in appearance!

    Thats why this national badger has made me laugh!
  10. 1 month before my 21st birthday, as i was born on the 18th of july, 1984
  11. HorniKaz

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    Was that just an excuse to tell everyone that you'll be 21 on 18th July??? ;)
  12. bigmamabadger

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    I was aware of this but I'd forgotten. Celebrated in true badger style with lots of beer in a pub with Other Brother, his girlfriend, EvilDaddyBadger and LittleBabyBadger.

    Love you all
  13. akwarose

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    june 18th was also....
    the day i saw GREENDAY at the National Bowl in MK!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!! sorry for hijacking the thread BMB but i'm still on a high and felt i should share that with the whole of tMP!!! it was soooooooooooooo great!!!!!!!