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    Well here goes..............

    My name is Sharon Stansfield and I conduct the Long Eaton Silver Prize Band
    I started playing the cornet with my brother Carl aged 9 with Long Eaton and was taught by Sid Bland and Ted Bradley......... my brass band heros!
    I have played with Bestwood, Huthwaite, Riddings, NCT, William Davis, Ransomes, Thoresby and Kirkby also Snibston/Desford B. I dont do much cornet playing now as I am busy conducting but I am always happy to help out!

    I also play lead trumpet and flugel in my own dance band "Anything Blows" and my hero is Louis "satchmo" Armstrong........... hence the nickname!
    I spent 14 years working in the civil service and a year working in Mental health and now (due to some health problems)I am a self employed brass tutor, teaching pupils of all ages and abilities from my home studio;) ......... I still have a few vacancies!!

    I am married to Rob who plays trombone in the band and have 2 sons James, top man and Matthew soprano
    My brother Carl is solo euph, his wife Elma plays solo horn/flug and their kids Melissa plays 2nd cornet Emma on baritone and 9 year old George plays percussion and euph in the training band, so it really is a family affair!
    I have recently become a Nana to baby William (2 weeks old today!) and I hope that he will be in the band soon!
    I also conduct the training band so that keeps me busy.I have recently taken on a ladies choir too!
    I have been conducting Long Eaton since 2000 when they were bottom of the fourth section and now we are top of the third having reached the national finals twice and we came second in greatest banding moment!!

    Well thats it for now, a brief potted history, but I'm sure lots of people could tell you some more interesting stories about me!!;)
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    spelling mistakes corrected! and a bit more info added

  3. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    quick update........... I played sop for Riddings at Butlins and we came 4th so that wasnt bad!
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    You forgot to mention that you bid for every decent cornet that appears on E Bay. :D
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    :cool: ooh yes I do go on ebay rather a lot............... well I have this brass band then a training band and then my music practice.............:sup

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