Sarah and martin tie the Knot Finally!!!

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    Unity Brass are thrilled to announce that on Saturday the 9th of December Sarah Harman the bands Solo Eb Bass and Martin John our 2nd Euphonium Player were married at Brooksby Hall in Leicestershire. Martin and Sarah met some years ago at Unity Brass and have been good friends since. Not before time their solid friendship turned to love and they decided to get married earlier this year. Band members old and new played at the ceremony and helped them celebrate their special day with music especially chosen by the two of them. Sarahs liking for Elvis saw her walking down the aisle to a fanfare version of It's Now Or Never and later in the ceremony came American Trilogy. Also during the service were segments from The Year of the Dragon and The Essence of Time, Flugel Solo Evergreen and Euphonium duet Deep Inside The Sacred Temple. So, Sarah & Martin from all of us at Unity Brass..We wish you all the happiness in the world for your future together
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    hey! many congrats!!:clap:
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    Yeah and what a great day it was too!!!! Thanks to you both for being able to be part of it . It sure was a top do. Have a fantastic time in Vegas guys

    Love From Jim Val and the clan
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    Congratualtions Martin and Sarah :)
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    Is this the same Martin John that used to play for Hepworth once upon a time ?

    I know this Martin moved to Unity and was playing Tenor Horn a few years ago.

    Congratulations even if its not the same person !!
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    If you go to the unity website ( and go into latest news you will see a pic of sarah and martin on there wedding day!!!
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    But in response to ur original question yes it is the same Martin John if you wanna get in touch with him then pm me and i will pass on his No
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    Thanks Mark. It is the same Martin - I'm working my way through the band - only Eb bass and trombones left.

    We've just got back from our honeymoon in Vegas and even managed to make a combined profit at the poker tables.

    Best of all we've missed the last band practice before Xmas by a day!

    Thanks to Jim as well for posting this. Saves us the bother of telling people.

    Mr & Mrs Pav
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    Hi Mr & Mrs Pav

    Really pleased to have heard your news. I'm sure you'll have a very happy future together.

    Many congrats & best wishes for your future.

    Rach & Paul
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    Congratulations! :) It's always nice to hear of two bandies getting married!