Sandhurst Band Centenary concert with guest soloist David Childs

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    The Hexagon - Reading

    Sandhurst Band

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    Saturday 5 July 2008

    Gala Centenary Concert
    A spectacular evening of musical entertainment celebrating the centenary of Sandhurst Band, Berkshire’s leading Brass Band. Over 100 artists will perform a wide variety of music, encompassing magnificent pieces for brass and voice, fanfares and stirring music from stage and screen.

    Guest performers include the 50 strong mixed voice Reading Phoenix Choir, The Corps of Drums of HM Royal Marines and Euphonium Virtuoso, David Childs - principal euphonium with the famous Cory Band, the current highest ranking brass band in the world.

    Tickets: £12, Concessions £10

    Steve Denman (Secretary)

    [​IMG] 23 The Broadway Sandhurst Berkshire United Kingdom GU47 9AB
    [​IMG] 07778 574628
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    If it were Nick Childs as your thread quoted then I would travel south for this event ~ as I guess many others of my age would !!
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    Oops --- Help !!

    Yes big oops - sorry. How do I change this, can amyone helpe me ????
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    Many Thanks
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    anyone make the concert. David was pretty amazing.!!!!
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    He certainly was, and the band wasn't too shabby either! :tup