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    With the Salvation Army changing it''s stance a few years ago on who could buy & play SA Music. The following thoughts crossed my mind.

    1. What SA Music has become popular with non SA bands? (not what has been recorded the most!)

    2. Are people mainly playing the well known SA stuff by the like of Eric Ball/WilfredHeaton. Or have some bands ventured beyond that, into composers who have mainly written for SA bands only, and what interesting music discoveries (if any!) have been made?

    Simon Rowney
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    Since being at Faireys they have played the cornet solo 'someone cares', 'just as i am', and this weekend will be playing 'the light of the world'...
    In my concerts with Rainford over the past few months we have played 'share my yolk', 'deep river', 'joyful joyful, and 'elsas procession to the cathedral'.
  3. Essence of Time, isn't that a SA work by Graham?
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    It does, however, have its basis in words from scripture, and has been on the programmes of a few SA bands since the rules were changed, including the ISB.
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    Of all the SA music that has found its way into the general brass band repertoire, none could be as ubiquitous as “Share My Yoke”. While it had been around for some time in the SA, I believe I was present when it took root outside of the SA as Philip Smith played it with Black Dyke in Carnegie Hall in the early 1990s. James Watson took it up from there, I think, and everyone else followed. It makes one wonder how many other SA pieces might enjoy such popularity given similar high-profile performances. There’s no doubt there are many, many other pieces of like style in the SA music catalogue — not to mention works of greater substance or length.

    I seem to remember some members of Black Dyke making sniffles of mock emotion when first rehearsing “Share My Yoke” with Smith, but there you go… .

    Incidentally, the song is by Joy Webb and arranged for band by Ivor Bosanko, not Courtney as stated by Frank Renton on a recent LTTB.
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    Love share my yoke! :D

    Also, I think Lightwalk is a piece of SA music? That seemed to be played to death a few years ago by bands, but to me it is still as good as ever and very foot tappy! At speed, it also gives the flugel player the chance to break into a cold sweat! :p
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    I have discovered Song of Exultation that has been recently recorded by David Daws. It's an absolutely fantastic solo. The Scottish Co-op have also played Goldcrest March (this will be played on Radio 2 tomorrow night on Listen to the Band). Kingdom Triumphant and loads more.
  9. PeterBale

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    From my experience, most of the pieces that bands have taken up have been those written by composers active in both spheres - Ball, Curnow, Downie, Graham, Himes, Gregson, Redhead.

    Pieces that seem to have been played by many bands/soloists include several solos - Jubilance, Better World, Home on the Range, Eternal Quest, Concertino for Trombone and Band. Other popular band items have included Psalm of Praise, Reflections in Nature, Shine as the Light, Light Walk, Deep River, I know thou art mine and Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace.

    Fodens with Bram Tovey have also featured "Christ is the Answer" a couple of times.
  10. Active Member

    Our sheet music service is a good gauge of what Salvation Army music is being requested by non Salvation Army bands.

    By far the most popular is the previously mentioned, Share My Yoke.

    Some of the other popular titles are;
    Star Lake, Light Walk, The Kingdom Triumphant, Goldcrest, Variations on Laudate Dominum, I Know Thou Art Mine, In Perfect Peace, Praise, The Light of the World, Christmas Joy, Daniel, A Fanfare of Praise, Shining Star, Reflections in Nature, Celebration, Deep River, A Psalm of Praise, Elsa' Procession to the Cathedral, Just As I Am, Shepherd Song, Songs of the Morning, Renaissance, Joy Peaace & Happiness, Clear Skies, Toccata O The Blessed Lord, The Triumph of Peace, Golden Slippers and so on.
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    You mean that famous trombone solo? :wink: :lol: :twisted:
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    Perhaps the SA guys online can recommend some pieces which might not readily spring to mind as they haven't been recorded or played by non-contesting bands alot:

    -Canadian Folk Song Suite - Morley Calvert - Suitable concert work for 2nd section plus I reckon.
    -Martyn - Hymn tune arrangement by Wilfred Heaton, his first published work at 16 years old I think(?)
    -Intrada on regent square - Ken downies short fanfare on the hymn tune, full of close harmonies...fantastic opener
    -The Old wells - One fo Eric balls first published pieces, praised by Elgar for it - suitable concert work for 3rd section up I reckon

    Just a few, let you know if I think of some more!!!

  13. Maestro

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    I've always had a soft spot for 'Songs Of The Morning' and 'Divine Pursuit'.
    Wilfred Heaton's Toccata would sort a lot of bands out as well.
  14. PeterBale

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    For someone looking for a dramatic work for a programme you may want to consider some of Les Condon's pieces, particularly "The Present Age" and "Song of the Eternal". "Festivity", a more light-hearted piece originally written for brass quintet, is also well worth exploring.

    Of earlier works, then Dean Goffin's "Symphony of Thanksgiving" or "My strength, my tower" (if you've got a good euph & cornet!) and Eric Ball's "Exodus" or "Song of Courage".
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    Must agree - I can't recommend Les Condon's work highly enough; must take the chance to mention also "The Call of the Righteous" and the march "Celebration" by him. An honourable mention also for the work of Kevin Norbury, especially "Partita on St Theodulph".

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    Light Walk and Deep River are 2 I've played at entertainment contests and I think Variations on Laudate Dominum was played as a test piece by my old band
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    very funny - i refuse to buy the fuco brass cd with it on purely out of principal - a trombone player playing a cornet solo indeed. I wouldn't complain if it was on a euph, AT LEAST THAT HAS VALVES!

    The real reason a trom player played golden slippers is coz there are NO trombone solo's that match up to the greatness of golden slippers!!! well done Norman! :wink:
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    Does anyone play "Festivity" these days, apart from YBS on Essays for Brass Vol 3?
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    Croydon Citadel recorded the original 5 part 'Festivity' on their latest CD 'Celebration' (Celebration of Les Condon's Music) (That's the second time i've mentioned the recording today - commission World Of Brass?)
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    We did last year. A very good piece which I first played at Cobham Hall as a manuscript. Interestingly (or not!!), it was first written for, I think, a ten piece group and rumour has it that Kevin Ashman has that version.I would love to try that version!!!