Salvation Army March - One by One

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  1. Mount Media

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    Last night the band played a march entitled "One by One". The march didn't have a composer but i'm pretty sure it was written by J Pattison. Does anyone know if there is a recording of this anywhere. I have looked at and and they don't appear to have it for download.

    Any help in tracking down a recording of this would be greatly appreciated
  2. conductor

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    One by One

    I'm not 100% sure but I seem to remeber a hendon band recording wioth one by one on it Can't find it in my collection though if it was them it may be on a non SA recording that they did some time back I also think that Enfield may of recorded this on one of their old vinyls und Jim Williams.
  3. Mount Media

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    Ok - I've been a bit of an idiot. But thanks Conductor for the help. I went back to and found the cd here. When I search for the march it says it can't find it. Case Closed!!
  4. John Brooks

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    I can't help from the office but I'll have a look when I get home and check back here later (probably tomorrow for you).
  5. David Mann

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    It's by J Pattinson Snr, published 1924, General Series no. 915, courtesy of Willi Erzberger's SA music index. Salvo Audio is a great site btw, saves me digging out my old LPs.
  6. Pondasher

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    You may be interested to know that Jack Pattinson was Bandmaster of Seaham Harbour Salvation Army Band, a few miles from Sunderland.

    He was supported by my father, Robert Quinn, who was Deputy Bandmaster and Principal Cornet.

    I met Jack several times when I was a young boy, and also found him to be a friendly and kind man.


  7. Aussie Tuba

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    One By One has been re published in the Blue Favourites book No. 16 and in my opinion doesn't get played enough. It is one of my Favourites.