Salvation Army - Diamond Wedding Anniversary

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    My Mum and Dad (Vera and Stanley Thomas) celebrate their Diamond (60th) Wedding Anniversary on the 7th April 2007. As many brass band enthusiasts, particularly Salvationists will be aware, my roots are in the Salvation Army.

    Grampy (Walter Thomas) actually worked for the Salvation Army's Music Editorial Department as long ago as 1918 with such luminaries as Albert Jakeway, Henry Hall and Eric Ball. Walter had several compositions published and went on to become the Bandmaster at Southsea Citadel. Dad was appointed to the position of Bandmaster in 1961, succeeding his Father.

    My Uncle (Derek Thomas - Redhill) and Brother (Melvyn Thomas - Southsea, succeeding Michael Kenyon) were also Salvation Army Bandmasters.

    Anyway, I am sure that any messages of congratulations will be appreciated.

    Many thanks
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    Sorry, stupid me. Forgot to add address for Vera and Stan - must be the thought of organising the cake!

    23 Christopher Way
    PO10 7QZ

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