Salvation Army Bandsmen&women Past&present

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  1. Gorgie boy

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    As far as I remember, some of the band that week included Mark Saywer, now TYS I believe, Phil Wall, before he stopped being into bands, Major Graeme Wood (then of Hanwell), Andrea Miller (nee Wears) at Kettering, who is a Facebook friend now, Andrew Holden on Bass Trombone, ex of Chelmsford and Norwich, Nigel Love on tormbone (ex of Kettering SA and Rigid Containers/GUS) and a host of others I can't remember! Happy days................
  2. T Winch

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    It's about time I added myself to this list. I started playing cornet in Sherburn Hill YP Band in Co. Durham before moving to Sunderland Millfield then on to Norwich Citadel. I also spent a short time at Regent Hall although not in the band. I often wonder where I would be playing now if I had taken advantage of all the playing opportunities the Army presented.
  3. Rodney

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    It's about time I added my name to this list too.

    Grew up in a SA family and went to Bristol Citadel as a boy - then we moved to Gosport. When I came to Oz, I joined Camberwell Citadel, had a falling out with the bandmaster and stayed away for 25 years. Have now joined an 'outside' band (Hmm, why do we call them that???) and love it.

  4. kjm

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    Life long member of Leigh on Sea SA, play Euph in both the corps band and Becontree Brass (LSC).
  5. chill

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    Attended Maidenhead SA until my early 20's. In early 40's now, but still go from time to time in order to support my wife and kids. 2 of my 3 children play in the YP band.

    Always played Bb cornet until 4 months ago when I switched to Sop.
    Trouble with learning in the SA is that I can play a slow melody solo until the cows come home. Can I play jazz / swing style... not a flaming chance... I think I am brain washed by all of those hymn tunes :) - lol
  6. half sharp

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    What occurs to me is that the Army has suffered (particularly in the larger corps, dare I say) from the band and songsters being the be-all-and-end-all of corps life. The Army is going through a huge sea-change in attitude and approach and it seems to be that Army corps are thriving where the Worship is at the centre of corps life, supported by the sections and not overwhelmed by them.[/quote]

    You are oh so right Mr Smiler, I wish other SA musicians were so enlightened. From Worship comes service. Service before Worship is Idolatry.
  7. Tubby

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    My name is Marcus this is my banding history

    aged 7 my granddad Joe Smith ( R I P ) bandmaster of Stockport Heaton Norris taught me to play Baritone and had me in the YP band with 3 weeks of lessons.

    I remained there until the aged of 11 where I moved with my parents to Stockport Citadel.

    Aged 15 I joined the senior band on BBb after my first music school.

    In 1997 I moved to Sheringham Norfolk where I played in the band and also started to get into the contesting scene. I played for Kings Lynn town band and also Matthews Norfolk brass.

    In 2000 I moved to Norwich Citadel but didn't play in the band until 2004 after a time out of uniform and away from the Army.

    I started again in 2004 on BBb and then in 2007 I was moved onto EEb where I have been for the last 18 months.

    My next move well who knows but I have aspirations of either the ISB or the Household Troops, if a position became available.

    Sorry it's long winded but there you go.
  8. half sharp

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    Dear MR Smiler. Having returned to uniform after many years I have been attempting to quantify the changes that have occurred during that time. Your 2nd paragraph crystalises my thoughts entirely. In my younger days it appeared to me that practically everyone was in uniform. Nobody who was not in uniform ever spoke from the platform or had any input with Worship or Corps life whatsoever. These days, thankfully, that has now changed, with non uniformed people involved in all aspects of Corps Worship. Unfortunately some of my brothers and sisters especially in the band/songsters do not seem to have moved on and seem to view the SA purely as their own Church. As a consequence one of the reasons amongst others that I have not become a commisioned bandsman was knowing the contempt in which I would have been held by non uniformed people within the Corps. I appreciate that there are faults on either side but as a friend of mine is constantly reminding me we need to change or die.

    Many thanks for your insight.

    Mike Farrow.
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  9. steve sizeland

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    Also guilty - Ex Chalk Farm (under Michael Clack), now at Brackley (Northants)
    Steve Sizeland
  10. trumpetbabe

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    Hi all, I have just discovererd this site, hence the lateness of my message....:oops: I am also ex SA; I used to attend Luton Citadel, & was a member of both the songsters & band. In fact, I think was one of the 1st female band member in the N. London area back in the late '70's! How times have changed! I have ploughed my way through some of the threads; what an interesting thread! :tup
    I gave up playing in 'outside' bands when I became an SA band memebr (I think it was enough that I was female at that time!!). I am sooo glad that the SA has changed it's viewpoint on other bands. It's also great to see SA music 'out there'. If any of you think you may remember me, I would love to hear from you! Oh, you can chech out one of teh bands I now play in; www.minnesotastate!
  11. MrsDoyle

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    I am current SA, of the Coedpoeth Corps in the North-Western Division. I play Solo Horn for their band.
  12. jrshimmon

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    I've checked the whole of this thread and I can't believe I have not declared my Red Yellow and Blue blood.

    I recognise the names on several name on this tread and even a couple are friends from facebook. Hi Guys!
  13. still learnin

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    Another ex SA player here. Left 40 years ago but still enjoy listening to SA music, also grateful for the start I got in banding when I was 7 but never really got into the spiritual side of things. Played in several bands since leaving and enjoy contesting and playing challenging music, including SA Cornet Solos. Surprised that nobody mentioned "Tucker" in the recent thread re difficult solos.
  14. Hman1

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    Hi Mark, I didn't realise that was the case, I thought you'd left Maidstone. Why don't you give BAE Systems in Rochester a try instead ? - they rehearse on Monday evenings.
  15. Martin

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    I started life in the SA at Barnstaple (N. Devon) and learned to play the cornet. I worked my way up through the YP band and into the senior band. Tommy Saunders was our principal at the time. The Bandmaster was Maurice Denny (now sadly passed on) and he was succeeded by Derek Hould. My father, Gordon, was the YP band Leader for many years. My aunty (Rosemary Sheppard) was an officer and was corps CO at places such as Buckingham, Southall, Southampton (can't remember which corps), Swansea, as well as being DYS for South Wales Division at one point.

    People that I grew up alongside include:

    Andrew Hould (Bb Bass) I believe he is still living in Staines and has remained a practising salvationist.
    Chris Hould (Tenor Horn) now a military musician (although I'm not sure where he is currently serving).
    Kevin Hould (Cornet) not sure where he has settled.
    Andrew (my brother) (Trombone) no longer in SA, but still living in Barnstaple.
    Teresa Harris (Euphonium) now the corps officer at Winchester.

    Already mentioned in an earlier post were the Holiday Plus Fellowship weeks at Butlin's Bogner Regis. These were a highlight to me. Coming from a relatively small corps, to play in a band that size was a real treat.

    My practising SA days sort of faded away after I joined the RAF Police in 1978. Although, I still follow what's going on in SA music.
  16. trumpetbabe

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    I remember the Butlins camp band; I played [flugel] in it in the early '80's! Fun times indeed......I never thought that I would ever play in a brass band which contained so many flugelists, but now I am playing in a brass group of 28, four of whom are flugels! :biggrin: 'Tis an amazing group. Does anyone else out there have memories of Butlins, or of flugels en-masse?
  17. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    I remember those Butlins Days now long gone,
    I played EEb Bass and on the youth march was the only Bass player in a band numbering more than I could count in the time alloted. But it sure was big. The only Help on Bass came from My Mate Lyndon On Bass Trom. We gave it our all that day.
  18. trumpetbabe

    trumpetbabe New Member

    I have to admit, I never played in gthe youth group! Shame on me!! I just played in the 'big' band in the concert room (sorry, I don't remember the name of it!). I do remember the loong 'walk-about' (is that really an Aussie term?) you guys did though! Must have been tough with a Bass.....
  19. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    The concert room was the Gayitey Theater and I know it isn't spelt right.
    Going Walkabout is an aborigional term.
    was onlt 18 back then so it was a breeze. I hadn't moved to Australia then either, didn't move here until 1986
  20. sbandsman

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    I was also a S.A bandsman/songster (Solo Cornet). My home of Stamford had until a few years ago both sections but now is using tapes/cds for backing as the musical sections have dissapeared. Although only playing with a small home band I have spent many hours playing under Mr. Woodmans father-in-law, Ray Maycock with Chatham band ( on BBb).
    I now play in a contesting band in 3rd section midlands and thoroughly enjoy it. Also I have been able to play with other outfits, For any of you who would like to play with a "scratch" band on an informal basis the British Association of Christian Brass Bands meet a couple of time a year with rehearsal/concert. type dos. Always playing in Methodist Central hall on the morning after the Nationals for "the Bandsmans Service" with guest conductors etc.
    Any one wanting info please PM. or if you know Trevor Austin (Rosehill music) contact him

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