Salvation Army Bandsmen&women Past&present

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  1. Bassbones

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    New thread time,Noticed Peter Bale & one or two other Salvation Army Bandmen doing stirling work on the forums.Just wondered how many SA & ex SA players are TMP'ers?I was the Basstrom at Liverpool Walton & also played with the Liverpool & North wales Divisional youth band.Now at Yorkshire Co-op band. :D
  2. johnflugel

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    I am guess I am a young SA Bandsman (23) who indulges himself in the deep, dark sordid world that is contesting! I go to Castleford Cit Corps.

    Rothwell Temps
  3. Maestro

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    I am ex-SA from Sheringham.
    Obviously not there anymore.
  4. Cantonian

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    I am a young SA bandsman as well (46)! As the signature says, at Cardiff Canton
  5. Bariman

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    I'm the same age as Mike so I guess I'm young as well.

    I'm at Chelmsford.
  6. Railybobs

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    I am 23. I used to go to The Tyldesley Corps. But i came out of uniform when it closed. I still go to the army in civvies. Both my wife and i attend the Bolton Citadel corps.

    I married an officers' daughter. in total we have been together for 7 yearsnow. all thanx to the army.
  7. Jules Cornet

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    Well a first post on TMP for me.

    I am a lifelong Salvationist bandsman now playing cornet in Peterborough Citadel Band.
  8. Cantonian

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    Congratulations on your first post. Is this Mr Bright?
  9. Jules Cornet

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    Yes indeed. Good detective work.

    Best Regards

    Julian Bright
  10. carlwoodman

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    About time we heard from you Julian!
  11. Shommusic

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    Guilty, your honour!! :roll:

    Solo Horn, Ilford SA Band.

    I would never have guessed you're 46, John!!!!!!!!!! You wear it well!
  12. Morghoven

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    Ex-SA, guilty as charged! Kidderminster Corps, now with The Staffordshire Band.

  13. Moy

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    We have a few in our band who either past SA or still SA.
    MD- David James, Solo Cornet - Graeme Park, 1st Horn - Clark Wallace, EEb Bass - Peter Still, BBb Bass - David Catto.
    Hope I haven't missed anyone...... :)
  14. timold

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    Salvation Army Bands

    I started playing with the Malton Salvation Army Band........left the Army for 15 years (but you NEVER leave!!!) and have now being back in uniform for 14 months and soilder at Scarborough Citadel (and Guisborough). The best thing I could of done was to go back!!

    Is there still problems with SA Bandsmen playing with outside bands

    I have a number of Salvationist in my band, (Langbarugh brass) they enjoy the contesting so much, but they do get some stick from certain SA bandmasters, I can't understand that, can anyone tell me why? at the end of the day, an outside band and a SA band is two completly different things, but I feel they both help each other.........You can never "POACH" a Army Bandsmen, because they do not go to the SA to simply play, there is something of greater than that............So tell me fellow SA bansmen what is the problem - Always the best for the highest!!!!!

    Tim Oldroyd
    Scarborough Citadel
    MD Langbaurgh Brass
  15. Maestro

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    Perhaps the reason why some Army bandsmen/women have a problem with playing in contests is because quite a few contests are on a Sunday, and I believe that is their busiest day.
  16. BassTromBeast

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    Current SA man and Bass Trombone at Peterborough Citadel. Also play in the Anglia Youth Band of the Sally Army.

    The main issue with being in both Army and 'outside' bands as I see it is in the priority issue? Something comes up on the same date for both bands then who would you pick?

    In my case it would be the Army band because playing my trombone is part of my service and thanksgiving to a God who gave me the ability to play in the first place and being able to share in that service with a group of similar minded men and women is a privilege I wouldn't want to swap for anything.

    So apologies for all those Championship sections bands lining me up for next years Championships!!!!! :lol:
  17. Jules Cornet

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    Good one Bass Trom Beast
  18. NAS

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    Well... seeing as it is my big brother that started this thread I thought I had better leave a posting too :D I was also a member of the senior band at Liverpool Walton (although only just as I left the corps at 16!). When I was 14 I joined the BT band and no-one at the corps approved at all. When I stood up to play a solo in an SA band practice one or two of the band were heard to say "I wonder how much he is charging for this". I sometimes think that people need to be aware of life outside the Army too(although a lot of them are already aware of this when they go to the pub :shock: ). I love the Army to bits and have a lot to be grateful for...
    Since leaving the Army I've played with BT (3 stints), Besses O'Th Barn, Wingates, and have just finished a 2 and a half year spell with the Leyland band... on top of this I have freelanced with bands such as Imps, B&R, Fairey, and Fodens (and sometmes still do). Currently I am directig the Rainford Silver Band who are a 3rd/2nd section band :D (fingers crossed for Pontins everybody :wink: ).

    Neil Samuel.

    PS Hope I've not offended any Salvationists with the pub comment but... its perfectly true. One Army officer (who was the DYO) asked me why I didn't come back into uniform after attending a few services... my sarcastic reply was "I like a drink" and laughed. They soon wiped the smile off my face by replying "the army wouldn't care about you drinking... its your faith they care for"... not sure William Booth would agree totally with that :?
  19. beard_4b

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    what a guy, totally agree! :wink:
  20. johnflugel

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