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  1. Vacancies exist for Bass Clef reading Euphonium, Tenor and Bass Trombones. French Horns and a Percussionist also required. Fortnightly rehearsals commencing 1st September are held in central Salisbury at 7.30pm

    Please see our website and contact via there
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    Glad things are going well for you guys:)
  3. Salisbury City Band - Euphonium, Trombone, Cornet, Eb Tuba - Thursdays

    Next rehearsal is Thursday 15th September at 7.30pm. We need a Euphonium, Bass Clef reading Trombone, a Cornet and Eb Bass.

    Please see our website for further information

    Telephone 01722 331163 to find out more
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    You have a great musical director and musician in Roger - used to play under him at Shrewton Silver many, many moons ago! :D
  5. How are your rehearsals going? It is our third one tonight. We've just lost our principal trombone but have acquired a bass trombone. Basses seem to be a common difficulty to recruit.
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    Hi There
    First rehearsal on Monday 19th. We are fortunate to have recruited 4 trombones which is great news, however I could use a couple more cornets. I agree that Tubas are certainly difficult to recruit but early indications are that we will have a full 'ish' band on monday. By the way, follow this link for a more up to date version of that march
    ope your recruiting continues to go well
  7. Sounds as though you are doing well. Good luck on Monday. We found it beneficial to supply free tea and coffee during the interval. Logistics were difficult as forgot to turn the water on until half time tonight! We also have to run the raffle at the same time to help fund the band costs. Difficult to recruit players of the right calibre and willing to march. Difficult to deal with players who are not of sufficiently high standard too. Early days of course.

    Thanks very much for the link
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    Difficult to recruit players of the right calibre and willing to march. Difficult to deal with players who are not of sufficiently high standard too. Early days of course.

    You might not need to worry about them staying much longer if they read this... :-? Be careful what you post; I would be disheartened if I read this and suspected I was one of those players who are 'not of a sufficently high standard'... :(
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    Hmmm - I agree with Fiona - it does sound as though you want to "cherry pick" players - which, for a new venture, is a bit optimistic. Be thankful for what you've got, work hard and bring those who have joined the band up to your "sufficiently high standard" by your own efforts. We all want to recruit the Childs brothers, Steven Mead et al, but it ain't gonna happen in the real world, so we are thankful for the people we've got. Enjoy what you have, hope to improve, but most of all - have fun making music together!!!
  10. Recruitment

    Thank you very much for your advice. It is very helpful as we are at such an early stage. We have no players we are not happy with. I am sorry I gave that impression. We only meet fortnightly and were hoping to attract ex-bandsmen from the Services and those who had left youth groups and wanted to play in a small military band on leaving school. In addition, we want to be able to offer a marching display in the future. We welcome anyone to come along and play and let them know what type of music we will be playing. The difficulty we have is in attracting brass players to try us out.