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  1. Rach_Horn

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    Hi, Im starting in my first year at Salford doing music from September. Im living with friends in Manchester on Kincardine road just off of Oxford road. I have been trying to find the easiest way to travel from here to the Adelphi building each day. I was wondering if anyone could help me in terms of bus numbers/stops/routes or perhaps the metro?- i don't mind walking in Manchester to get to the bus/metro stop just i'd like to be as close to Adelphi as possible once i get to Salford.

    Thanks alot

  2. ScreamingSop

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    poor poor you joining us mad people at salford, espeshially when u will have to sit near Aidan!!!

    As for busses, your best bet would be to walk to the bus stops that are near the marks and spencer, (and outside carphone warehouse) and get a bus that says it goes to salford university on the board. the only one that i can think of at the moment are the M10 and the 10 but ther are ones that go closer.

    You basically get off the bus opposite the Old Pint Pot (which you will become a lot better aquainted with as the term starts). You basically get off ther and walk down Adelphi street (i think it is called, i may however be making that up)

    If you get on the m10 or 10 then you get off the buss opposite blackfriars court (outside a primary school) and you walk up the road and the adelphi building is on your left up that road, past Bramall and Matiias court.

    This help?
  3. Rach_Horn

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    Thanks alot :) That's given me some idea of how to get there!

  4. brassybabe

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    ive just graduated from salford, its a brill uni. gonna miss it loads. u can get the 67, 68 or 100 from outside carphone warehouse at the bottom of market street, u just get off opposite the pint pot and walk down the road.

    have fun at salford. xx
  5. ScreamingSop

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    Lovely photo Elaine!!

    Im gonna miss u lot soooo much this year!!!! you should all come back and do another year. who am i gonna talk to in band, and show my teeth and blow in the faces of people at band!!?!?!?!
  6. Andy_Euph

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    Think the number 36 (from Piccadilly Gardens)goes past the Pint Pot, so just get off there and down the road to Adelphi, think there are another couple of buses also 30something but can't remember.

    If your living near Oxford Road train station though, it might be easier to just jump on the train to the Crescent then and just walk the couple of minutes from there to Aldephi.

    P.S. Welcome to Salford :clap:
  7. brassybabe

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    hahaha babe, if i didnt know what u were talkin about that would be a very strange thing to have said. im betting nobody else has a clue what ur on about. hehe
  8. Rach_Horn

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    Yeah, it would be less of a walk in Manchester if i caught the train , thanks, i'll think about both options :) Rach

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