Salford team up with David Thornton for Fusion

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    The University of Salford Brass Band have been invited back to perform at the Sonic Fusion Festival 2014 with soloist and DMA student David Thornton. The festival is headlined by Apartment House and MANTIS and attracts enthusiasts from across Europe and the US.

    This year the band will give the premiere performance of new Composition tutor Dan Price’s 'A tribute to Peter Graham' followed by new works by MA students Simon Oliver 'Underture' and Aaron Wolfe 'The Cotton Mill Worker'.

    DMA student David Thornton will feature some of his research with euphonium and electrons while also performing a premiere of new work 'Dick Tracy' by Richard Rock with the University Band. Dr Robin Dewhurst's 'Celtic Fusions', used in SIDDIS 2004, will conclude the event and other works featured are a combination of traditional structures with acid, funk and hip-hop.

    Dr Richard Rock "This is a fantastic opportunity for composers and students to showcase new entertainment repertoire to an international audience."
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