Salem Methodist Church 2008 Concert

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  1. On the 4th and 5th of January 2008 Salem Methodist Church in Halifax is holding a Concert (on two separate nights) to raise needed funds for building repairs.
    As part of this Concert the Halifax BBGB Band will be playing a few select pieces from it's repatoir.
    Tickets are £5 and if you are interested in going drop me an email to and we'll get you some sorted.

    Robert Batty
    Halifax BBGB
  2. cate.b

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    just a question for the thick amongst us what is the BBGB. I think i knew you from Kirklees music centre band. are you a flugal or a horn or maybe a cornet player. Just me being noisy.
  3. Sorry guys, BBGB stands for Boys' Brigade Girls Brigade.
    And no, unfortunatley, i'm one of those who are un musical so i hit things indtead of blowing them. I'm a drummer, though I can sort of play a Cornet, but I'm mainly found hitting things.

    Hope that Helps guys, please come and support the event.


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