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    We have a few Christmas Titles still kicking around in our old corporate style and these must go so we can sell new style sets. These are brand new sets and have not been used! At Wychavon and Folkestone contests any stock we have will be sold for £10.00 per set (and £7.50 for March Card size). However tMPers can buy these for £8.00 per set and £6.00 before the dates of these contests. Stock is limited and once they are gone we cannot offer new style sets at this price.

    Here is a list of pieces on offer:-

    Christians Awake. £10.00 tMP offer £8.00
    David Hellewell's uptempo take on the traditional carol arranged by Nigel Hall.

    Christmas Rag. £10.00 tMP offer £8.00
    Time to play spot the carol as David Hellewell's novelty number zips through them quicker than a hot knife through butter! Arranged by Bill Willis

    Festive Prelude: Corde Natus Ex Parentis. £10.00 tMP offer £8.00
    A classy opener for any Christmas Concert. Arranged by David Morgan

    March: Christmas Cavalcade. £10.00 tMP offer £8.00
    A great march from the pen of Bill Willis - How many Christmas tunes can you spot?

    Coventry Carol. £7.50 tMP offer £6.00
    Arranged by Thomas Morgan for a small group.


    Requiem For The Dead (from "Anzio"). £7.50 tMP offer £6.00
    The slow movement from Jim Alder's major work "Anzio".​

    If you have any questions etc please either PM me, email me ( or phone (07751 622780)​

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