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    The RAF St Athan Voluntary Band has, after a faltering start, joined the 21st century in having its own up to date website.

    For those interested in the goings on and the 80 plus engagements that the hard working boys and girls of Wales' premier RAF Voluntary Band undertake every year can now log on to their website at

    The band undertakes a wide range of work including some interesting gigs that don't come into the diaries of most bands, such as playing for the Welsh Football home Internationals in the Millenium Stadium. In addition the band competes in the 1st Section both nationally and locally in S Wales and is currently preparing to tackle the South Wales Miner's eisteddfod in Porthcawl on 16 February and then getting to grips with Gilbert Vinter's "James Cook, Circumnavigator" for the Areas on 8th of March.

    If you are interested has been picqued then whey not visit the website for more information and contact details??

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