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    As we are all too aware theft happens and property gets lost. Go to any Police Station, Bus/Train Station, large public building or concert hall and ask how much lost property they have, nearly always the answer is too much! Additionally Police lost property offices are full of suspected stolen property that the Police cannot trace the rightful owner of.
    Recently a website has been developed that is going some way to helping to alleviate these problems.

    was set up, in conjunction with The Metropolitan Police, initially to combat the rise in thefts of mobile phones, it has now expanded to all items of property that have an identification or serial number.
    The website is free to use and allows anyone to register any amount of property (although in my experience it does crash a bit too often). The big advantage of Immobilise over other similar websites is that not only can the loser of property immediatly put a note on property that is lost or stolen but that the website can be searched by every Police force in the UK, but theoretically worldwide as well. Until Immobilise was set up each Police force could only search for property recorded as stolen on its own system, not a lot of use if criminals travel. This has lead to many good results for Police forces, a colleague of mine in Cambridge recently stopped two young men on bikes in Cambridge and on checking the frame numbers on the bikes on Immobilise it turned out the bikes had been stolen in a burglary in Surrey!
    Please take a few minutes to put as much as your property on this website as possible, especially anything you take out of the house ie mobile phone, ipod, camera, bike, car CD/radio, and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. If every band put all their instruments on here it would make it almost impossible to sell on stolen instruments, especially the unique brass band instruments.

    Any questions PM me.
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    I've just added my horn and will add my phone and iPods later. I'm also going to use it for all my business computer equipment and all that sort of stuff too.
    It does look incredibly useful! Thanks for the tip!:clap:
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    Well done.
    Pass it on to other business contacts etc, the more people use it the more useful it is.