Saddleworth Area Test Piece Evening.

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    An evening when all 5 Area Test Pieces will be played has been arranged to take place at the Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, Saddleworth on Sunday 20th February 2011.

    All spectators are welcome. Admission price will be only £2.50 per person proceed towards the Whit Friday Fund.

    The Clubs bar will be open between band performances.

    5 Bands will take part,and at present the bands definitely attending are:-
    Boarshurst Silver Band and
    The United Co-op Milnrow Band.

    Future update will be made when attending Bands confirm their intentions.

    As last year, each band will play one short musical item for warming up purposes followed immediately by the respective Test Piece.

    Times and Order of performance.

    8pm prompt. Boarshurst Band. Musical item followed by the 4th Section test piece.
    8.30 approx. 3rd Section Band. Musical Item followed by the Test Piece.
    9.00 approx. 2nd Section Band. Musical Item followed by Test Piece.
    9.30 approx. 1st Section Band. Musical item followed by 1st Section Test Piece.
    10.00 approx. United Co-op. Milnrow Band. Musical item followed by Championship Section Test Piece.

    Everyone is welcome and an ABBA Member will be in attendance to give the bands Adjudication and guidence.
  2. bigsound

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    i attended last year it was a great event, but if it is as full as last year get there early to get a seat, also it was red hot temp!
  3. towse1972

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    Yes, it was scorchio! Far too hot for comfort.
  4. Frontman

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    Ladies and Gents, I have been asked several times already, questions regarding the order of play on the night.

    May I please point out that nothing, at this stage, is carved in stone and therefore information relating to the bands and the times of playing may alter.

    I will however give you all at least one weeks notice prior to this event regarding the order of play.

    Thanks for the interest shown.
  5. Yozzer

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    sounds good - hope to be there.
    Ian B
  6. E flat fred

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    Saddleworth Test piece evening

    What band will be playing the pieces.
    Will there be an adjudicator present like 2010 when he will give comments after each piece.
    It was excellent last year,
  7. Frontman

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    Fred, as I said earlier, As soon as I have established those fact I will let everyone know.
    There will be an adjudicator present who will have no connection with the North West Area Contest.

    Comments regarding the piece will be made to the audience, but adjudication and advice to the bands will be private.
  8. E flat fred

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    Thank you.
    I was not aware when I asked the questions that they had already been answered. I picked up the tab fom the home page and there were no other tabs displayed.lOOKING ORWARD TO IT
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  10. Frontman

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    3rd Section Piece.

    I am very pleased to announce that the Whitworth Vale and Healey Band have volunteered to cover the 3rd Section Piece.
    The band will be conducted by John Binns.
  11. Frontman

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    We are still looking for a 2nd Section Band who would be interested in partaking on the night.

    Any band interested please contact me a.s.a.p.

    I am please to inform you that the ABBA representative who will Adjudicator the evening, will be Ian Brownbill, a very highly respected member of the Brass Band community.

    Ian is a very experienced player, conductor and adjudicator and a very good personal friend.

    Many thanks Ian, we appreiciate your help.
  12. Beesa

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    I'll be there, I'm look forward to the evening.

    All for an excellent cause too.

    It will be interesting to see how the bands might improve in the week they have left afterwards. I am sure this must be excellent rehearsal for Blackpool.
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  13. E flat fred

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    Does anyone know the Post Code for Boarhurst Band Club Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, Saddleworth?
  14. Beesa

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  15. E flat fred

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  16. towse1972

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    You can google these things Fred!
  17. E flat fred

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    one kind member sent me the details,
  18. Frontman

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    We are still looking for a 2nd Section Band who would be interested in partaking on the night.

    Is there a band who is willing to put themselves on the line?

    Does not need to be from the North West, anyone from YORKSHIRE up for it????

    Any band interested please contact me a.s.a.p.
  19. DobX Dave

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    I would have thought that one of the Saddleworth Bands (Delph, Dobcross or Uppermill) would have taken up the challenge, failing that there are a few local bands to Greenfield (Flixton, Middleton or Mossley) that could have taken up the challenge ?

    However, Delph and Uppermill did attend the Mineworkers at Skegness, so perhaps rehearsal time is an issue.

    Whereas Dobcross did attend Preston (3rd) and have already ‘shown their hand’ so to speak.

    So are Boarshurst Band Club going to change the timings or running order for the night.

    Unfortunately, I cannot make it, but I do know that friends are planning to ‘test the beer’ all the way from Dobcross !

    Finally, who are the 1st Section Band that are going ~ or is that a secret until the night !

    Best of luck to all on the night and of course, Blackpool
  20. Frontman

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    Due to the lack of support from some circles, the Saddleworth Test Piece Evening will only have 3 Bands taking part.

    Numerous Bands have been approached to represent their Section throughout Saddleworth and surrounding Areas, but none have come forward and indeed some have not even had the decency to reply to e-mails and text messages.

    This will not however change the evening.

    The Evening starts at 8.00pm with the North West Co-op Milnrow Band, representing the Championship Section, and will play Paganini Variations from the pen of Dr Philip Wilby.

    At approx 8.30pm the Whitworth and Healey Band will play the 3rd Section piece, A Little Light Music, again a piece written by Dr Wilby.

    This will be followed by the Boarshurst Silver Band, who will be playing the 4th Section Test Piece, Prelude, Song and Dance by John Golland.

    Each band will play a short warm up piece of their choice prior to their Test Piece performance.

    Admission will be £3.00, proceeds from which will go towards the Whit Friday Contest.

    Though there are only 3 bands taking part I am sure it will be a very enjoyable evening.

    The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators will be represented by Ian Brownbill who will give each Band a private adjudication as well as adressing the audience after every performance.

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