Saddleworth annual test piece evening.

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    The Saddleworth Annual Area Test Piece Evening is to be held at the Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, Saddleworth on Sunday 19th February 2012.

    Two eminent Adjudicators have been engaged to give each band a written adjudication to assist in the last week’s preparation prior to the North West Area Contest at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool on Sunday 26th February.

    The evening will start at 7-30pm when a 4th section Saddleworth representative band will take the stage. (This band has not been named due to not confirming their attendance as yet).

    Boarshurst Silver conducted by David W Ashworth who is representing the 3rd Section will play at 8-00pm.

    The Dobcross Silver Band conducted by Kenny Payne, 2nd Section, will commence at 8-20pm followed by the Diggle Band conducted by James Shepherd, who are the 1st Section representatives at 9-00pm.

    At 9-30pm the Milnrow Band conducted by Marieka Gray, representing the Championship Section will play.

    Each band will play a short warm up item and follow it with their respective Area Test Piece, during which the adjudicators, David Horsfield and Colin Hardy will write out their respective adjudications.

    As normal everyone is welcome and a charge of £2-50 per person will be charged to cover expenses.

    The clubs bar will be open all evening in the members bar, however the concert room bar will be closed as so not to distract from the bands playing. As this is normally a very well attended event the doors will open at 7-00pm.

    Anyone requiring information can contact David W Ashworth on 07785-257129.