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Discussion in 'Bandroom News - User Submitted' started by OneTonBass, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. OneTonBass

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    The members of the Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band were shocked to hear some upsetting news on Monday.

    Bryn James our musical director of the past year,was addmitted to the Royal Gloucester hospital having suffered a stroke on Sunday evening.

    Bryn has been an integral part in the recent success of the band, and the band has built up a close personal relationship with Bryn, so the news has come as a complete blow to the band.

    With less than a week before the regional contest at the Brangwyn Hall Gareth Pritchard has travelled down to South Wales to conduct the band at short notice in Bryns unfortunate absence.

    Our sincere thanks goes to Gareth Pritchard and to all the bandspeople who have offered to assist and support the band, and also to those who have passed on their warmest wishes to Bryn over the last few days.

    Bryn was also set to take Filton band to the West of England Area on Saturday.

    Ian Holmes will now be standing in for them.

    The band would like to wish Bryn a speedy and complete recovery and hope he will be able to resume as soon he is well enough.
  2. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    Sorry to hear about Bryn, good luck for Sunday from all at Cwmaman.
  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Sad news indeed - hope things work out for Bryn. All the best to the band on Sunday- am sure you'll give a performance that he'd be proud of.
  4. tubaturk

    tubaturk Member

    Very sad. Please send Bryn all the best from Burry Port Band.
  5. mikebass

    mikebass New Member

    Very sorry to hear about Bryn, we wish him well and good luck to you all for Sunday from BTM.
  6. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    ... indeed. Best wishes to you Bryn for a speedy recovery from all at tMP.

    Good luck to you & BTM as well there Mike...;)
  7. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    I was lucky enough to serve with Bryn in the REME band. Please pass on my best wishes to him for a speedy recovery
  8. jim

    jim Member

    Yeh pass on my best wishes to and all the best,
  9. Suz

    Suz Member


    Sorry to hear that news, best wishes to Bryn for a speedy recovery.

    Good luck for Swansea from BTM

    Solo Trom
    BTM Band
  10. 'MD suffers stroke of bad fortune' 4 Bars Rest.

    I think the above quote is a little distasteful in the circumstances. Ok, I know its referring to the regionals being a week or so away but i still think it is an inappropriate headline.

  11. OneTonBass

    OneTonBass Member

    4bars Rest have now changed their headline, Thankfully.

    Many thanks for all your support, I will pass on your messages to Bryn.
  12. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    Hey Guys

    To re-iterate all the messages here, on behalf of the City Of Bristol Band, where Bryn spent his previous years conducting before taking the reigns at Tongwynlais, our wishes go out to Bryn for a speedy recovery.

    It was a shock to hear that Bryn suffered a mild stroke so soon after a member of City Of Bristol (Mike Knapton), a friend of Bryn also suffered a stroke.

    I'm sure with the support of Bobby and Scott, Bryn will soon be stressing out with baton in hand once again.

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