Sad day :(

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    Came on to start this thread - beat me to it, Nic!

    Bill McLaren was without doubt the best sports commentator in Britain in the television age. Dan Maskell, John Arlott and Bill - we'll never see their likes again. Bill was knowledgeable, scrupulously fair and had a fantastic voice and delivery.
    I had the privilege of meeting him briefly once, at Langholm on a Tuesday night Border League game back in 1991. He and his good lady were there as rugby fans, not "working" but simply enjoying their evening, and they were both lovely folks to chat to for these few minutes before the game. A proud "Teri" from Hawick and an absolute gentleman. He will be missed.
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    I just loved the way he knowledgeable and enthusiastic...made me love watching RU...he was just brilliant. A sad loss....:(

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