Sacré bleue ! That's French for "bye gum"!

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    A bit about me...

    Been out in France for the last four years and have now settled in Paris. Just got a new band going here called Brassage Brass Band. I also set up a brass quintet called Les Cuivres Du Lion (The Lion Brass Quintet, I know it sounds rubish translated into English but in French it works). I also play in a Concert band and in the orchestra of an amateur opera group (Yeah, I know, but Eb horn players have to diversify in a country almost void of bands). I'm also in the process of getting together a brass ensemble to perform John Rutter's Gloria with a choir and organ. Last year I also played with the brass band at the La Courneuve Conservatoire. So I'm pretty busy like! The position of girlfriend is vacant but I could only fit you in on Wednesday evenings :) Any takers? No? Oh well, didn't think so.

    Best thing about living in Paris : The food. And being told by your doctor to put on weight. No probleme there then, the pounds are going on nicely :)

    Worst thing about living in Paris : Living in an appartment block and having to practice with a silent brass mute. (I tried practicing in the basement but the residents on the top floor complained - eight floors above! now that's what I call good diaphragm support!)

    Before that I was at Loughborough Uni and have played with:
    Freckleton Band
    Yorkshire Evening Post Band
    Leeds Youth Brass Band
    Leeds Junior Brass Band

    and a long time ago with:
    Rothwell junior band
    Some band in Garforth
    Horseforth music center

    Well that's about all.
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    bonjour dude!

    hey ther skimbleshanks and welcome to tmp. congrats on setting up your band in Paris:tup

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