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    Was wondering what SP&S / World of Brass used these days to put Triumph series and General series music in. They used to use a folder and the music was glued in to a fabric tab room enough for 50 or was it 25 sheets I'm not sure.
    Our band is in need of 2 Band sets worth and they are not obtainable in Australia so was wondering if SP&S / World of Brass still had them or have an alternative.
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    I think you're talking about the binders that housed Triumph and General Series when the parts were produced in 'march card' size. I also think that we might still have some of those left but in what colours and quantities I'm not sure. Tim Cook, our Mail Order Manager will be able to help you though;

    These days, Triumph and General Series parts are produced in A4 (portrait) style and we do produce folders with pockets each side where the sheets (kept loose) are dropped in.
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    Thanks World of Brass I'll send Tim an email.