SA Gospel Arts Concert 2005

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jules Cornet, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Jules Cornet

    Jules Cornet Member

    So, who's intending to go to the SA Gospel Arts Concert at The Royal Albert Hall this Saturday 11th June?

    Jules Cornet
  2. Chippy_Cornet

    Chippy_Cornet Member

    I will be going

    Line up of participants includes:

    International Staff Band
    International Staff Songsters
    Amsterdam Staff Band
    Vasa Gospel choir (Sweden)
    Guest Soloist - a certain Mr David Daws

    should be a good night of SA Music at its best

    Chippy Cornet
    aka - Simon Rowney - Sheffield Citadel SA
  3. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I'll be there with jmb83 ;)
  4. Jules Cornet

    Jules Cornet Member

    So - Who was there? - What did you think?

    Jules Cornet
  5. Chippy_Cornet

    Chippy_Cornet Member

    Have to say that i thought the standard of the performers at this years concert was (for me)the best for some time.

    The variety of music played/sung was also well thought out, and provided a good variety of musical styles, to keep the audience interested/entertained.

    I really enjoyed the evening, and full marks must go to those who continually pull rabbits from hats when organising these events.

    Only slight gripe (and it is only slight) was that considering the concert started at 6:30, to not finish until 10:15 is perhaps a bit to late/long - i guess it means you get value for money though!!

    Simon Rowney
  6. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Julian - saw you in the corridor but didn't have a chance to say hello. I didn't think it was one of the best in recent years, more due to the lack of flow, particularly in the second half, than the actual content. There seemed to be a little of uncertainty at times in the accompaniment to "Golden Slippers" and the Amsterdam Staff seemed a little tense, and didn't have quite the same impact as they had done at Southend on Friday night.

    On a first hearing, I wasn't sure about the Kevin Norbury piece, but the new Kenneth Downie is a cracker - good sectional work, and I thought it brought out the best playing of the night. It was good to hear the organ come into its own, and I thought the massed staff songsters were tip-top - especially "More than wonderful", that was the highlight of the night for me.

    As I said above, the second half didn't seem to gel as well, and I don't think the praise and worship section worked - not really fair to expect Ira to lead it from the corner of the arena, and it didn't really seem to grab one's attention - lot of chattering around where I was sitting. Although gospel choirs are not my favourite form of music making, the enthusiasm of the Vasa group won me over somewhat, and I really liked a couple of their items.

    Personally, I think they would have been better to put the Staff Songsters feature at the start of the second half, with something a little more up-beat to follow on. It certainly semed a bit of a waste to have the Amsterdam Staff sitting there throughout the second half with only one brief item and a congregational song to play for.

    If this appears a little negative, it is not really meant to, and I heard very favourable comments from people attending the event for the first time. I just wonder whether they try to fit too much in and to please everybody - it was a bit of a late finish and several groups around us left before the end. It was a good evening all round, but with slicker presentation and maybe pruning the content a little, it could have had even more of an impact.

    Edit: I did hear a few people say they felt the programme was too band-dominated and they should have had more of the Staff Songsters, but then they did have a whole evening at Fairfield Hall to mark their 20th anniversary, quite apart from the limited rehearsal time available to them.
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