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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by kiwiinoz, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. kiwiinoz

    kiwiinoz Member

    Hi there. Can i start up a thread about which piece of SA music you would most like to have a play with. Here is my list

    1 Quintessence
    2 My Strength my Tower
    3 The Present Age
    4 Celebration
    5 In the Firing Line
    6 On Ratcliffe Highway

    Lets see what else turns up. BTW, has anyone played Quintessence and how did you find it???
  2. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Love Quintessence. Heard it in 1978 in London. just played a few weeks ago while having a play with Brisbane Excelsior. Terrific piece
    Romans "8" A Brass celebration is also a Great Piece RSA at his best
  3. jezza23361

    jezza23361 Member

    Heaton, Ball or Condon for me - not a Redhead fan at all.

    Toccatta, Song of Courage and The Present Age my top 3

  4. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Yeah...Heaton Toccata is a nice piece!

    This will sound totally cheesy, but I do like Lightwalk
  5. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Yep , much the same here . I tend to find Redhead's work a touch overscored for me . Was a very happy bunny when we spent a few weeks on "Call of the Righteous" for a recent concert.

    I'll add Dean Goffin to the mix , particularly "My Strength My Tower" and at the more recent end of things much of Peter Graham's work as well.
  6. GeordieSop

    GeordieSop Member

    Dean Jones has been nocking a few good ones out. One to note is Glorifico Aeturnum
  7. Martin

    Martin Member

    Not necessarily in this order

    Montreal Citadel
    Songs of the Morning
    My strength, my tower
    Star Lake
    Canadian Folk Song Suite
    The Present Age
    Marching Onward
    Cristo Redentor
  8. RussQ

    RussQ Member

    SA music

    Played most of 'em, some really superb stuff and some dross too! Pretty much agree with the concensus, My Strength My Tower, Song of Courage, The Present Age stand up against anything in the brass band repertoire and in most cases head and shoulders above!
    Not heard Song of Courage for a long time until the live Fodens recording at Boscombe. Great piece by a great band!
  9. Holy War
    Symphony of Thanksgiving
    Canadian Folk Songs
    Light of the World
    Divine Communion
    To the Chief Musician
  10. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    Light of the World is a nice piece, also am a fan of Isiah 40 and much much more
  11. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob Member

    I've played Quintessence, but it was a few years ago now and it's a bit hazy! I do recall some rather tasty pedal Fs on the bass bone part...

    I also played On Ratcliffe Highway at the Nationals in 2007. It was a piece that I really liked initially, but when we started getting into it it kind of went off the boil for me and hasn't really recovered its place in my affections!

    My favourite bit of Salvation Army music, and quite possibly of all brass band music, is The Kingdom Truimphant. Simply stunning music that blows me away every time I listen to it. Fantastic to play as well!
  12. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    As I Salvationist I find that there are so many that I struggle to have a Favourite!

    But If I had to be pushed I would go with Call of the Righteous too. But I also love Glorifico Aeturnum.

    The best thing about Army music for me is its range and grading into different series'
  13. sbandsman

    sbandsman Member

    Divine Communion
    Light of the world
    Songs of the Morning
    Dean Goffin- Eric Ball both masters of thier art
  14. Super Ph

    Super Ph Member

    i find most of it to be dross i'm afraid
  15. bbg

    bbg Member

    As an ex SA bandsman (moved on for genuine travelling and family reasons, with no "fall out", 20 years ago now) I took quite some time to return to banding as I in many ways saw such a move as "finally" severing any lingering ties with the Army. Many of my family are still active (including an officer-sister and retired officer uncle) and I still have a huge affection for the movement although would likely find it difficult to "return" after so long in Church congregations.

    I still sadly have reservations about the direction that SA output has taken - it still jars with me when SA pieces are used as test pieces and dissected to the nth degree purely as music with little or no attention paid to the motives behind the writing.

    That off my chest, I have many favourites for many reasons, some deeply personal, others just becuase they bring banck certain memories.

    "The Call of the Righteous" , mentioned earlier in this thread, falls into both categories, from Cobham Hall 1983 (Don Jenkins band); although I have somehow never actually played "The Kingdom Triumphant" it's another favourite, as is of course "Resurgam"; many, many marches come to mind as well as quieter music such as "In Quiet Pastures" , "The Pilgrim's Prayer" (from the old blue book) , "The Hill of Calvary" and other "oldies" (as a young bandsman in the 70s, mostof what we played regularly was 20 years old and more!).........the list can go on.
  16. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    That is a crying shame as that you think that, and I suspect you will be in the minority.

    There are some real names to conjure with that write SA music. Not least of which the superb Ball, Leizden, Heaton, RSA, Condon, Broughton, Himes, Gregson
  17. Turris Fortissima! Love it!
  18. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Robert Redheads Score for Quintessence has to be the best descriptive writting for the Australian Outback I have ever heard. But I guess you'd need to see the expanse of it to understand that. You can almost hear the Didgery Doo's in it.
  19. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    I know a few tuba players that sound like Didgery Doo's.... does that count?! ;)
  20. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    There is some "dross" in the Salvation army catalogue, yes. But it is far outweighed by much beautiful music.
    Resurgam and The Kingdom Triumphant for me. I love both for different reasons.

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