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    South Tyneside Health Care Trust Band have reverted to Westoe Brass Band as their official title. Please note, the "Colliery" has now been dropped.

    To clarify:

    Tyne Dock Temperance Band 1890 - 1911
    Harton Colliery Band, then Harton and Westoe Colliery Band 1911- 1968
    Westoe Colliery Band 1968 - 1993
    Westoe (STHCT) Band 1993 - 2006
    Westoe Brass Band 2006 -
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    Thanks - I'll update the entries.
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    Colin, not sure where you got your information from, but, when I joined the Band at the end of 1978 they were still known as Harton & Westoe Colliery Band and as far as I remember were still called that when I left after the 1984 Area contest when they competed in the Championship Section.
    Additionally, during my years with the Band when they rehearsed next to the pit baths, I seem to remember the date of founding to be 1873ish. Bobby Wray would be the best man to get the accurate info from, he was involved in the Band for many years as a player and administrator.
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    To be honest Les, I just took the old info from the previous ibew entry, so whoever did that was also wrong! - I was just informing Gavin of the latest name change.

    Regarding the 1873 date, our own website lists Harton Colliery as being in evidence at this time but later dying out (1878), I suppose who ever did the original entry took the earliest date of continuous history,when the colliery 'adopted' Tyne Dock Temperance in 1890?

    One of the current band members is looking to the band's history as part of his MA dissertation, so perhaps a more conclusive view will emerge!!