Rumour mill. Bob Childs & York rumblings.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by baritastic, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. baritastic

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    Two rumours that have been voiced in the pub after band this week. Anyone else heard these they are both from good sources.

    1. Bob Childs has gone for a full time job at Salford University. Not sure if he got the job or not, but presumably it's David "the nutty professor" Kings old position. Cory may be on the look out for a new MD.

    2. York instruments have gone into administration and rival Besson are buying them to wind then up. Making most of the soloists David York, Owen York, etc have to change their names back to their real ones and presumably find new contracts.

    Both rumours from the west of Wales.

    Anyone else heard these?
  2. andywooler

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  3. 3rdcornetsolo

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    York instruments going into administration in hardly a rumour!
  4. Simon Preshom

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    1. Yes

    2.This isn't a rumour
  5. baritastic

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    Cool. Now at least I know they are right.

    Did Childs get the job?

  6. Splitzer

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    I'm not sure I feel all that comfortable with calling Mr King "nutty" as he is clearly not at all mad, and there is no way York artists would allow themselves to be pimped out to besson as part of a corporate deal. Remember they are endorsing York because they believe they are better than all the other instruments out there, not because of some shady buy out of their artistic integrity. Maybe the OP needs to think before posting tittle tattle about some of our movements finest in future?
  7. euphsrock

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    I may have got this completely wrong, but didn't the opposite of this happen not that long ago. Besson going into administration and york buying the instruments/factory and someone else buying the "Besson" name?


    Like I said, I may have got this completely wrong, but I'm sure I had a major problem with getting a replacement part from besson for my euph because of this....
  8. foxmdm1

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    Splitzer what makes you think that another company would take york artists on anyway?
  9. Splitzer

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    Nothing - just the OP suggested they would need to find "new contracts".BTW Please don't turn rhis into another of your York-bashings it's too late and I'm tired.
  10. catto09

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    1. I have no idea, might be true? Quick Google might tell all. I'm sure we'll see it on 4br soon enough

    2. Besson are not buying York. They looked into it a while back, but won't touch them because of how bad the debt actually is. It's all stirrings
  11. SMead

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    are you really really sure about this ?
  12. Splitzer

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    Sigh....Oh for the happy days when all our heroes played B&H/Besson and we all unquestioningly bought a Sov - simpler times. My 30 Yr old Bb is probably nowhere near a modern York or (German)Besson, but I still reach my own limits long before thosed of my instrument so I'm sticking as I am. I don't think the York artists actually did change their surnames to York - it was just an advertising thing, so the good news is the recievers can't auction off any York artists to pay the bills!
  13. foxmdm1

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    Does it not make sense now why i was concerned when trying several york euphs and all were faulty .Would you buy a new instrument with basically no warrenty
  14. catto09

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    That's what I was told. It could have easily been more rumours, but it came from a pretty reliable source
  15. Splitzer

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    I can't believe you are still banging on about this. We get the message, you tried some York euphs thought they were **** and won't be buying one. You asked if anyone else experienced these issues and it would appear not -or at least no more than with other instruments.
    In light of this then perhaps it is you who is the problem? Maybe you are a bit rubbish, slightly careless, or just have fat little sausage fingers that can't opperate the valves properly? I know I don't sound like a York or besson artist, but I suspect that my instrument is ok if you get my drift.
  16. BariPower

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    I've been to a few concerts at salford this year and was under the impression that Howard Evans was taking over for King ?
  17. 4barsrest are, at the moment, really slow at bringing anything newsworthy to the banding fraternaty, so I wouldn't be holding my breath on that just yet!

  18. Al

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    To be fair 4br don't really trade in idle rumour. If there is a story there then I am sure it will be picked up and published at the right time.
  19. Ifyouonlyknew

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    Bob Childs is going to take over as professional MD of Fodens at the end of the year and David Childs is going to Dyke.
  20. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Is David taking over the stick from his Uncle Nick ???????????????????????????