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  1. McEuphie

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    Hi Folks

    I have a question about playing in 2 different areas.

    Is this possible?

    Our MD thinks there is (or used to be) a rule that allows players to play in 2 different areas. He thinks you can be registered with a band, in say Area A, but still be allowed to play for a band in Area B, if the Band in Area B was the first band you ever registered with, but don't play with now.

    Has anyone ever heard of (or more importantly) used this rule.


  2. AndyCat

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    Never heard of that, but if you time your transfers impeccably you could probably play in 3 area contests, but not be able to return to your old band. Unless you cancelled your card maybe. There always seems to be a way these days :(
  3. Deano

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    I think the rules state that you may play in only one regional contest, but as AndyCat said with all the card cancelling that goes on these days how do the registry keep track of who's playing for who.

    I've just attached a screen shot of rule 9 that says 1 regional contest. I hope the upload works.

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  4. matthetimp

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    If you cancell your card though and sign for another band does this count as a tranfer for your year total?
  5. MRSH

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    The 'more than one' area only applies to local association contests and only if the band you're playing with does not contest on National cards. For example, SCABA have their own registration system and their own cards. If you belong to SCABA and play with a band (Band 1) that use the SCABA registration system their is nothing stopping you from registering with a band (Band 2) in another area. Now if Band 2 belong to and contest in an area that also use their own registration system there is then nothing stopping you from registering with another band (Band 3) in another area - and so on and so on.

    Problems arise where the band you are playing for subscribe only to the national registration system because then if you play with Band 1 and then go to band 2 (in a different area) who also only subscribe to the national registration system you will have to transfer the national card thereby effectively transferring you to that band.

    Is that as difficult to follow as it was to think up! :confused:

    As has been said before as far as the national registration is concerned - 1 card = 1 band = 1 area unless you time it right and band hop.
  6. Andy_Euph

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    As far as i'm aware the national contest, both area and finals are the only contest you can't borrow players. I suppose you could do one area then cancel your card that day and then register with a different band for the following weekend, but I doubt the registration would allow it.
  7. Rimshot

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    In national rules a player may only play 4 1 area contest a cancellation does count as a transfer but it's quicker 2 process than a transfer, if people could play 4 more than 1 area then top bands would b virtually turning out the same players in all areas etc etc