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  1. nethers

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    Well, of course, we all go to win :)

    I guess my point is, a team should mean everyone - from the strongest player to the weakest. I believe everyone should play the part written for them. If the weaker player is struggling with a section, rather than just having it snatched away by a better player, the better player should offer support and guidance.

    We can all turn around and say "the cornet part is too high, pass it to the sop", or we can support and encourage the cornet concerned to work on their high register, for the good of the band as a whole.

    I think I just get annoyed with bands that do the best they can with the players they have, rather than MAKE the best players by supporting each other and strengthening their weaknesses.

    Admittedly, when the big day comes, if a player REALLY can't play a part, then it's time for drastic action. The player should be given every opportunity to sort it out for themselves first, but if it really must be passed on, this should be viewed as a regrettable compromise rather than an easy cheap-fix.

    I think this is the kind of thing that could be argued about forever - they're so many grey areas and 'if's and 'but's...

    So, in 29 words or less - the opinion of nethers: Play your own part. If you can't don't give up, ask for help. If the days comes and you really can't, pass it on - but don't be happy about it!
  2. Sellers_Bird

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    ha ha ha well said.. why is everyone so bothered on what everyone elses band is doin, or has done in the past? if it worked for them then that's fine, we all have the opportunity to doctor parts so don't whinge if your band chooses not to!!
  3. madsaz

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    I think the point about allwoing the player the opportunity to get the par right is important. O've seen situations where, on the forst look at a peice, its announced that "third cornets can leave those semiquavers out", before they have even tried. That is demoralising.

    3 weeks later, if they can't play it for toffee and don't think they will get there in time, then consider it.

    One of my best ever playing moments was in the Grand Sheild last year - our whole cornet section played the fanfare in Masquerade (one or two left the top note out for tuning) & it felt amazing. No snobbery about front or back row positions there.....
  4. yogi1000

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    You were one of very few bands who did play everything in the fanfare of Masquerade and I must congratulate you on doing so. I can remember that Cwmaman were another band who did the same but cannot reccolect any other band I heard where all cornet parts played that fanfare.
  5. PeterBale

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    There's an interesting one regarding allocation of cornet parts on the DVD from the World Championships at Kirkrade: Willebroek played Les Condon's "Call of the Righteous", and the opening is written for all the solo cornets (although I believe YBS recorded it - very successfully! - with the whole section). They opted for a single cornet instead, presumably to keep things neat and tidy, only for him to split a couple of notes and spoil the effect completely.
  6. welshraz

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    So....just to clarify.....brass players CAN play percussion as well as their usual instrument? I am afriad we will be doing this as we are short of percussion (i.e we haven't got any!!).

    I can see where your all coming from, but in this day and age needs must in regards to swaping and changing parts. In our band we tend to give our players more parts rather than take them away as we don't have a full contingent!
  7. marchad

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    Yes. A brass player can play percussion, but not vice versa. The exact rule is "A brass player may only play one brass instrument unless required by the score"

    My band queried this with the Registry who weren't 100% sure how to interpret the rule and referred us to Kapitol Promotions.

    The good news is that Kapitol confirmed that a brass player can get up half way through the piece and play some percussion.
  8. ploughboy

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    As one of the bass trom players did at the end of Images in the 2nd sec. got up and playe Gong to finish, very nicely done too!
  9. timbloke

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    And if i'm not mistaken tMPs own sparkling_quavers did at te end of the pontins piece a couple of years back.
  10. Thirteen Ball

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    Ian, our 2nd trombone stood up and played Tam-Tam for the last 8 bars of 'voyage.' We weren't going to tell the bass trom player that was the plan, just to see his face when Ian stood up and left his seat mid-piece.... but alas, he found out.

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