Rugby vs Brass bands - Conspiricy?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Bryan_sop, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Earlier in the year, I missed 3 of 5 England matches in the 6 nations because of band concerts and rehearsals for the areas (as well as the areas itself!) and now as I'm putting the world cup fixtures into my diary, I'm realising that band is interfering with my Rugby viewing again!

    Our pre-finals concert is exactly the same time as potentially the best Pool A match, South Africa v England, we have an afternoon rehearsal during the England v Samoa match and the England v Tonga match is the evening before the Finals in Harrogate (certain people in my band are already worried that I'm going to go out on the lash and be unfit to play next day as it is....they'll be having kittens when they realise that I'll be in a pub with my Dad watching England play Rugby!) top it all off...the world cup the same day as the Championship section finals, which I was going to go and watch! Pubs are going to be a nightmare around the Albert hall with people trying to watch the Rugby and a major band contest!!

    Are people conspiring to stop me watching the Rugby?!!

    P.S - This isn't intended as a 'who's going to win the world cup' thread, I know England don't stand a chance if they follow current form, but I'll still be supporting them!!
  2. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    so what you mean is your band don't know/care about the rugby so have arranged rehearsals when England are playing - as for the final enjoy listening to the bands while New Zealand beat South Africa !!
  3. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    For the last four years the London and Southern Counties finals have always coincided with the last day of the six nations , regardless of what day of the weekend these have taken place which has always been a source of irritation to me , especially when wherever we have drawn to play it seems to coincide with the "big" games that day.

    Did not realise about the two finals clashing , that leaves me in a real dilemma . Best let Dyke etc know now that I might not be available to play on the day !!:)
  4. glidng_slide

    glidng_slide Member

    Never mind sat in a pub, as a poor student some years ago, I saved up to get tickets for a visit to Murrayfield to see Scotland v England, in what was the 5 nations, only to find that the area contest was on the same day. Hasten to say banding came first after much pressure from the band committee. Thankfully it was worth it as a trip to the Finals followed.
  5. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    I feel your pain. It's bad enough the clashes during the Six Nations, but World Cup!! Sorry, bandings fun and all that, but Rugby is much more important. Tell them now and give them a chance to find a Dep. It is only every four years! They'll understand.
  6. SamHayday

    SamHayday Member

    Eugh sports... who needs sports?
  7. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Well this is actually sport, rather than football

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time for a Champ section band, so no need for a dep...! although, I'm open for offers, as long s it doesn't clash with harrogate?!
  8. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Grrr! Missed yesterday's trouncing too but this time someone inconveniently decided to get married and book my function band to play.

    Ahh well, only a friendly anyway ;)
  9. postie

    postie Member

    Well hopefully you aren't busy for the next weekends with the games against the French!!!
  10. BenjaminG1785

    BenjaminG1785 New Member

    reading these threads, i find it sad that people find the rugby more important then brass bands and the concerts. If you find rugby more interesting, whats the point in joining a brass band?
  11. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Steady on mate !!

    I have two great loves in life ( other than my good lady , and beer ! ) and its Banding and Rugby . Being signed up to a band that has a rigorous schedule of concerts and rehearsals means that there is sometimes a clash between the two , and I suspect that this will be the case in the run-up to the regionals / six nations this year . But I knew that when I signed up !!

    The band will always come first , but as long as they don't mind a sneaky check on results during intervals and then legging it to a TV screen as soon as last note is blown ( and they don't ) then we are both happy !!

    Besides , when there is a clash ( RWC semi and final last year !!! Grrrr!! ) I get to extract maximum brownie points from the good woman by attending band , plus promises to name our firstborn offspring "Elvis" !!! Mind you , I did moan at length to our band manager ( sorry Ian ! ) and threatened him with extreme physical violence were I have to have missed an actual winning RWC final performance !

    I'm more or less resigned to my rugby playing days being over now ( long term shoulder / neck injury ) and admittedly were I still a playing club member then I would have a problem combining the two - this was not a problem in my last band as most of our concerts took place in the off-season - but then I would not have signed up to current band if that had been the case.

    So , there is room for both with a little bit of give and take . This year I'll probably miss a couple of the six nations games due to rehearsals , but I'll see the rest and I know that Leyfy is looking forward to long , long afternoons / nights in pub watching rugby and drinking real ale !!
  12. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    But Phil, don't forget that there is a TV at the bandroom. All we need is someone with the time and ability to put up an aerial, get a freeview box and away you go!!!
  13. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    Leyfy is looking forward to long afternoons shopping on oxford street whilst her other half watches rugby on his own!

    Can I just clarify that the bet was, because Essex Elvis was moaning SO MUCH about missing the rugby and England were losing every game at the time (this was around the time of the first SA match in the recent world cup), I bet him England wouldn't win the final purely to stop the complaining ...... I have to admit I was probably the only England supporter cheering on SA when they won, purely because of the Elvis bet!

    As for banding or rugby..... banding every time!
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  14. JimboFB

    JimboFB Active Member

    Whoooah there buddy.

    Slightly controversial statement there. Surely you can have more than one interest in life? :confused:

    I LOVE my banding, but i ALSO love my rugby. For my sins i am a season ticket holder at Bristol and so far this season i have only missed a couple of games. I must add that the only reason i have missed rugby this season is because of band.

    Slight side issue, but somehow i managed to arrange my wedding last year for the week before the Open. Now, in theory this wouldnt have been a problem but at the time the band was taking to the stage at the Symphony Hall, i was sat on the beach in Kenya! :cool:

    Also i'm not sure my fellow band colleagues appreciated an all day rehearsal on the Sunday (day after) after spending a fair proportion of the night getting wrecked at the disco :wink:

    Are you saying that i should arrange ALL of my personal life around band, as opposed to the majority of my life that i arrange around it already?

    There was a time when i sort of agreed with the "band is more important than life itself" theory but sooner or later you will find that in reality its not quite as straightforward.
  15. BenjaminG1785

    BenjaminG1785 New Member

    i didn't say that i didn't have more than one thing i like, its jsut that out off all of them, i like and follow Bras Banding the most.

  16. BenjaminG1785

    BenjaminG1785 New Member

    just so you know, i centre my life around band. if i have something with the band, i cancel outever else is in the way off it. Thats my passion for music.
  17. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Would possibly give up the rugby to keep a breast of that!
  18. BenjaminG1785

    BenjaminG1785 New Member

    well, firstly im not a fan of rugby so the only thing im a fan of is brass bands.
  19. needmorevodka

    needmorevodka Member

    Well that's good then, you know what you personally like most. But I'm not sure why you would find it sad that other people might have different priorities.

    I enjoy my banding very much, but I will admit to occasions when I've been attending a contest, concert or even a rehearsal while knowing there was something else I would rather have been doing. Banding tends to win because of the commitment and the obligation to fellow band members, but I cannot truthfully say it's always my preference in situations where my interests coincide.
  20. BenjaminG1785

    BenjaminG1785 New Member

    i must say sorry. i didn't mean to use the word 'sad', i just find it annoying when people would rather be doing something else.


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