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  1. Hello!

    RWCMD Band are going to Cornwall this weekend.

    In St Mary Clement Methodist Church, Truro, there is to be a masterclass at 2.30 on Saturday 10th, and a concert at 7.30. Soloists include Bob Childs, Chris Turner, Wilfred Driscoll and Gareth Ritter.

    On the Sunday (11th) at Truro College, there is a workshop with members of the Cornish Youth Brass Band at 11 (I don't know if that's open to the public but hey!) and then an informal concert at 4.00.


    That is all!
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  3. OOH YEAH if I've got anything wrong (which I don't think I have!) then don't blame me, I read it off my itinerary! :oops:
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    is Wilf at welsh col then?

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