Royal Mail & Return Address on letters

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by tubafran, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. tubafran

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    Received a letter at work today from Royal Mail with details to "improve the quality of service and to benefit your organisation". Apparently they cannot deliver 21 million letters a year and currently destroy 14 million presummably returning the other 7 million (eventually)

    In order to improve the service they want all companies using franked mail to now include a Return Address on all envelopes as in future they will only return undelivered mail which is marked with the sender's address.

    Thank you Royal Mail we will now have to go to the further expense of having labels or envelops printed just to ensure that if you can't deliver we get it back. Or is this a cynical attempt to be at liberty to destroy the other 14 million letters they couldn't deliver?
  2. PeterBale

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    One of my responsibilities at work is to sort the post for the half dozen companies on site. As is typical in our part of town, we also end up receiving items addressed to former tenants, some of whom left many years ago, so any redirections would have well and truly expired.

    Our previous postman knew which these companies were, and would usually filter out most such items so they didn't get as far as us. Since the latest reorganisation, when he was moved elsewhere, we are back to receiving all the unwanted items. That wouldn't be so bad, but often they return to us several times, despite being marked quite clearly "Return to sender", and this is also the case with items returned by the various tenants, even when they have highlighted the address it is to go back to :shock:
  3. ronnie_the_lizard

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    When sending stuff I have sold on e-bay I am currently getting nearly 10% not arriving at the other end, and none of it has yet got back to me despite being clearly marked with my return address !
  4. Rebel Tuba

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    As a former Royal Mail Group employee I must try and defend them..............

    But they are **** and I can't - thanks for selling me off you .........
  5. brasscrest

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    Return addresses have been required on US Mail for decades. It's really an advantage for the sender, because the returned mail lets you edit your mailing list. The US Postal Service has done studies that indicate that the vast majority of "dead letters" (undeliverable mail) are "killed" by an incorrect address.

    I find it sort of amazing that return addresses haven't been required by Royal Mail previously.
  6. mikelyons

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    Two tales of the post office:

    I have had mail posted to someone with my return address on the back mailed through my letter box next morning (3 times)

    When our postman was changed, mail started to take longer to arrive. We found out the reason was that the postman couldn't distinguish between 4 words:

    Leigh and Thomas, and Road and Street.

    Eventually, the people in Thomas Street got fed up of delivering our mail for free and decided to send it back through the postal system. Now a lot of it just goes missing!
    It was fine before, since they fixed it it's been broke.